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Release type: Hot Fix
Release date: 2009-10-26
OS update support: None
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Documentation: None
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Checksum: 2789112513

 Applies to one or more of the following products:
Provisioning Manager 5.0 MP1 On Solaris 10 SPARC

 Obsolete patches, incompatibilities, superseded patches, or other requirements:

 Fixes the following incidents:
1728814, 1819098, 1833319

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Readme file
Patch ID: OpForce5.0MP1+Eh1728814
Release Date: 26 Oct 2009
Synopsis: VxVM Support for Solaris 10 U6, Active OS Creation Solaris 10 U7, Sparse file Support for Solaris 10 U6, U7 ,  VxVM Support for Solaris 10 U7
Apply to Release: 5.0 MP1 
Affected Architecture(s): SPARC only
Etract ID(s): 1728814, 1833319, 1819098 
Also Includes: N/A
Conflicting Patches: Yes (Should not apply Patch OpForce5.0MP1+Eh1499408, OpForce5.0MP1+Eh1833319 after applying this patch)
Other Required Patches: OpForce5.0MP1+Eh1499408
Keywords: Solaris 10 U6, VxVM, VxFS , Solaris 10 U7, Sparse file Support

Rollback possible: Yes

Rollback Procedure: 
	./setup.sh uninstall


  This patch addresses the following issues:
	- support of servers running VxVM, VxFs on Solaris 10 U6, U7
	- Cannot create AOS for Solaris 10 u7 
	- Sparse file support is missing in Solaris10 u6 AOS 

This patch updates aos_setup, activeos-agent-solaris-10-u6.gtar

Patch Installation Instructions:  

	1. To apply this patch on a Solaris OpForce server 

	2. On any Solaris machine where you are creating ActiveOS:

		replace <BASE_DIR>/defaultos/sun4u-SunOS-5.8/activeos-agent-solaris-10-u6.gtar with activeos-agent-solaris-10-u6.gtar
		replace <BASE_DIR>/Jiinstall/bin/sun4u-SunOS-5.9/aos_setup with sun4u-SunOS-5.9/aos_setup
		replace <BASE_DIR>/jinstall/bin/sun4u-SunOS-5.8/aos_setup  with sun4u-SunOS-5.8/aos_setup

Known Limitations/Issues:

Issue 1:
Ref: Sun Bug Id- 6441901, 6460493
On the Solaris 10 U6/U7 machine, manual steps are required to umount and delete the
lofi device which were created while performing the following opeartions:
  a- Create Solaris 10 U6 ActiveOS tar file.
  b- Install Solaris 10 U6/U7 ActiveOS from mount point.

Linux VPM Server can not support Solaris 10 U6 targets due to Sun's limitations
of Solaris 10 U6/U7 jumpstart using Linux server.

List of packages for ActiveOS will not show installed Packages for Solaris 10 U6, U7 (SPARC)

Important Notes:
1. VxVM Packages can be added only on Solaris 10 U6/U7 machine and not on VPM Server (As VPM Server is not certified on Solaris 10 U6/U7 and above)
2. While adding VxVM Packages to ActiveOS the exported directory from where aos_setup is being exceuted should be read write mounted.
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