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Release type: Hot Fix
Release date: 2010-02-12
OS update support: None
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 Applies to one or more of the following products:
Provisioning Manager 5.0 MP1 On Solaris 10 SPARC

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Readme file
Patch ID: OpForce5.0MP1+p1959279
Release Date: 12 Feb 2010
Synopsis: Error while resizing partitions on ldoms. Leads to elemental crash
Apply to Release: 5.0 MP1 (build
Affected Architecture(s): Solaris SPARC
Resolves Bug ID(s): 1959279
Also Includes: N/A
Conflicting Patches: None
Other Required Patches: None 
Keywords: elemental crash, resizing problem, ldoms

Rollback Possible: Yes

   This patch fixes elemental crash that happens while loading an image onto a ldom 
   created having a different size disk. 

Patch Installation Instructions:

Apply this patch on a Solaris/Linux OpForce server:

 If you have already applied this patch once already, backup the 
 elemental.jar in
 To patch OpForce
   1. Create a patch directory, and extract:
   2. Change directory to the patch directory.
   3. Execute
	chmod +x setup.sh
   4. Run ./setup.sh
Patch Rollback instructions

   1. Execute 
	chmod +x setup.sh
   2. run the script as 
	./setup.sh uninstall
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