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Release type: Rolling Patch
Release date: 2010-05-28
OS update support: None
Technote: None
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Download size: 11.99 MB
Checksum: 1309356309

 Applies to one or more of the following products:
Storage Foundation 5.1 On SLES11 x86-64
Storage Foundation Cluster File System 5.1 On SLES11 x86-64
Storage Foundation HA 5.1 On SLES11 x86-64

 Obsolete patches, incompatibilities, superseded patches, or other requirements:

This patch is obsolete. It is superseded by: Release date
vm-sles11_x86_64-5.1RP1P0_VERITAS_Dynamic_Multipathing_patch 2010-09-15

This patch requires: Release date
sfha-sles11_x86_64-5.1RP1 (obsolete) 2010-03-26

 Fixes the following incidents:

 Patch ID:

Readme file
Date: 2010-05-28
OS: Linux
Etrack Incidents: 1967048

Errors/Problems Fixed:
1967048 - DMP support for OS Native Stack.

Patch Installation Instructions:

o Pre-requisites:
If the currently installed VRTSvxvm is below 5.1 RP1 level
VRTSvxvm-, you must upgrade VRTSvxvm to 5.1 RP1
VRTSvxvm- before installing this patch

o Before the upgrade:
  (a) Stop I/Os to all the VxVM volumes.
  (b) Umount any filesystems with VxVM volumes.
  (c) Stop applications using any VxVM volumes.

o Select the appropriate RPMs for your system, and upgrade to the new patch.

# rpm -Uhv VRTSvxvm-
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