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The latest patch(es) : sfha-sles10_x86_64-5.1SP1RP4 
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 Basic information
Release type: P-patch
Release date: 2010-11-11
OS update support: None
Technote: None
Documentation: None
Popularity: 456 viewed    13 downloaded
Download size: 11.34 MB
Checksum: 952006173

 Applies to one or more of the following products:
Storage Foundation 5.1SP1 On SLES10 x86-64
Storage Foundation Cluster File System 5.1SP1 On SLES10 x86-64
Storage Foundation Cluster File System for Oracle RAC 5.1SP1 On SLES10 x86-64
Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC 5.1SP1 On SLES10 x86-64
Storage Foundation HA 5.1SP1 On SLES10 x86-64

 Obsolete patches, incompatibilities, superseded patches, or other requirements:

This patch is obsolete. It is superseded by: Release date
sfha-sles10_x86_64-5.1SP1RP4 2013-08-21
sfha-sles10_x86_64-5.1SP1RP3 (obsolete) 2012-10-02
sfcfs-sles10_x86_64-5.1SP1RP2P1 (obsolete) 2012-02-09
fs-sles10_x86_64-5.1SP1RP2P1 (obsolete) 2012-02-09
sfha-sles10_x86_64-5.1SP1RP2 (obsolete) 2011-09-28
sfha-sles10_x86_64-5.1SP1RP1 (obsolete) 2011-02-11

 Fixes the following incidents:
2088403, 2097960, 2107903, 2149659, 2153782, 2162580, 2162739, 2163061, 2163225, 2163931, 2164580, 2164744, 2167267, 2169041, 2169273, 2172531, 2173789, 2173844, 2175792, 2176021, 2177784, 2180566, 2180581, 2181510, 2183009, 2184440, 2186419, 2186926

 Patch ID:

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Date: 2010-11-11
Etrack Incidents: 2163061, 2164580, 2164580, 2173789, 2149659, 2097960, 2162580, 2164744, 2162739, 2175792, 2172531, 2176021, 2163931, 2177784, 2169041, 2107903, 2180566, 2180581, 2088403, 2181510, 2183009, 2184440, 2186419, 2186926, 2167267
Case IDs : 2167267

Errors/Problems Fixed:
Incidents fixed on 5.1SP1P1 : 
2164200 (2163061) Test various user command with online migration.
2164568 (2164580) vxtunefs option "lazy_copyonwrite" needs to be disabled.
2164571 (2164580) SVS5.1SP1(0921a+ 926_priv driver): VMs failed to boot up due to corrupted or missing various windows files
2173796 (2173789) axrt:5.1sp1:MOM:regression:Increasing fsmigadm throttle rate is not increasing copy rate.
2175695 (2149659) In the presence of file system checkpoints containing snapshot files, truncate operation of a file with shared extent results in hitting f:xted_validate_cuttran:10 or vx_te_mklbtran:1b
2175723 (2097960) Online Migration : fsmigadm status is showing different data stats for same source FS after migration completion.
2175726 (2162580) Issues while linking mig vnode with file inode
2175730 (2164744) vxfilesnap command fails to create the snapshot file when invoked in the following way: vxfilesnap <file> <dir>
2175764 (2162739) Online Migration :"lost+found" directory and special files "notcopied, deflist" related issues.
2175796 (2175792) fix "notcopied" file reporting
2175945 (2172531) Online Migration: analyze detection failure scenarios.
2176025 (2176021) hit f:vx_mig_bg_create:3b during online migration noise.replay
2177103 (2163931) LM-Conformance/fscdconv test panic with messages "Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 0000000000000010 RIP"
2177785 (2177784) unmount/mount hangs when RCQ is full.
2177839 (2169041) Panic NULL ptr vx_irwlock_mode via "fsadm -S shared" on readonly filesystem
2178332 (2107903) vx_clone_setup can call vx_ierror when clone inodes are free
2180570 (2180566) 5.1SP1P1 sol_sparc test cfs_stress_S1 hits BAD TRAP in bcopy from vx_protvers_resp_old2new via vx_cfs_protvers_all
2180584 (2180581) 5.1SP1P1 sol_sparc Test LM-noise_fullfsck_N1 hits an assert of "f:vx_readdir_int:1 via vx_purge_nattr"
2180970 (2088403) sol_x86 test LM-stress hits an assert of "f:vx_inactive_remove:1d via vx_inactive_tran"
2181512 (2181510) Fix RCQ processing code to not skip a partially processed INC_ALL or DEC_ALL operation.
2183016 (2183009) Online Migration: directory mtime, atime issue.
2184442 (2184440) [MOM] If the source file system lost+found dir contains srcfs, deflist, notcopied files the migration should not start
2186420 (2186419) Online Migration: Preserve directory attributes of source file system on target file system
2186930 (2186926) [MOM] Doing a cp -r operation while migration is in progress hits assert vx_do_setattr:1 on Solaris X86
2188116 (2167267) Online Migration: migrating fs can be mount locked using fsadm but can mntunlock.

VERITAS File System 5.1 Service Pack-1 P-Patch 1 for Linux

Packages Included in this P patch:
(RHEL5 x86_64)

(SLES10 x86_64)

(SLES11 x86_64)

 use the following commands to upgrade to 5.1SP1P1:

# rpm -U VRTSvxfs-

Specify the appropriate RPMs for your systems.

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