The latest patch(es) : sfha-rhel5_x86_64-5.1SP1RP4 

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Release type: P-patch
Release date: 2010-12-01
OS update support: None
Technote: None
Documentation: None
Popularity: 896 viewed    73 downloaded
Download size: 25.56 MB
Checksum: 3677665085

 Applies to one or more of the following products:
VirtualStore 5.1SP1 On RHEL5 x86-64
Dynamic Multi-Pathing 5.1SP1 On RHEL5 x86-64
Storage Foundation 5.1SP1 On RHEL5 x86-64
Storage Foundation Cluster File System 5.1SP1 On RHEL5 x86-64
Storage Foundation Cluster File System for Oracle RAC 5.1SP1 On RHEL5 x86-64
Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC 5.1SP1 On RHEL5 x86-64
Storage Foundation HA 5.1SP1 On RHEL5 x86-64

 Obsolete patches, incompatibilities, superseded patches, or other requirements:

This patch is obsolete. It is superseded by: Release date
sfha-rhel5_x86_64-5.1SP1RP4 2013-08-21
vm-rhel5_x86_64-5.1SP1RP3P1 (obsolete) 2012-11-17
sfha-rhel5_x86_64-5.1SP1RP3 (obsolete) 2012-10-02
vm-rhel5_x86_64-5.1SP1RP2P3 (obsolete) 2012-06-13
vm-rhel5_x86_64-5.1SP1RP2P2 (obsolete) 2011-10-28
vm-rhel5_x86_64-5.1SP1RP2P1 (obsolete) 2011-10-19
sfha-rhel5_x86_64-5.1SP1RP2 (obsolete) 2011-09-28
vm-rhel5_x86_64-5.1SP1RP1P1 (obsolete) 2011-02-24
sfha-rhel5_x86_64-5.1SP1RP1 (obsolete) 2011-02-11

 Fixes the following incidents:
1426480, 2015467, 2088007, 2158438, 2160199, 2200097

 Patch ID:

Readme file
Etrack Incidents: 1426480, 2160199, 2015467, 2158438, 2088007, 2200097
VERITAS Volume Manager 5.1 SP1P1 for Linux

This is a P patch 1 for Veritas Volume Manager 5.1SP1 on Linux.
This patch can only be installed on top of the following:
		VERITAS Volume Manager 5.1SP1

Incidents Fixed:
1426480 VOLCVM_CLEAR_PR ioctl does not propogate the error returned by DMP to the caller
2160199 Master takeover fails as the upcoming Master could not import shared DG
2015467 Performance improvement work for NetBackup 6.5.5 on SF 5.1 VxVM mapping provider
2158438 vxsnap restore operation for 500 volumes spits garbage strings and sometime dumps core
2088007 Possibility of reviving only secondary paths in DMP.
2200097 VxVM processes failed to start after rejecting the upgraded patch.

Patch Installation Instructions:

o Before-the-upgrade :-
  (a) Stop I/Os to all the VxVM volumes.
  (b) Umount any filesystems with VxVM volumes.
  (c) Stop applications using any VxVM volumes.

o Select the appropriate RPMs for your system, and upgrade to the new patch.

(for rhel5_x86_64)
# rpm -Uhv VRTSvxvm-

(for sles10_x86_64)
# rpm -Uhv VRTSvxvm-

(for sles11_x86_64)
# rpm -Uhv VRTSvxvm-
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