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Release type: P-patch
Release date: 2010-12-07
OS update support: None
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Checksum: 1954862858

 Applies to one or more of the following products:
VirtualStore 5.1SP1 On Solaris 10 X64
Dynamic Multi-Pathing 5.1SP1 On Solaris 10 X64
Storage Foundation 5.1SP1 On Solaris 10 X64
Storage Foundation Cluster File System 5.1SP1 On Solaris 10 X64
Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC 5.1SP1 On Solaris 10 X64
Storage Foundation HA 5.1SP1 On Solaris 10 X64

 Obsolete patches, incompatibilities, superseded patches, or other requirements:

This patch is obsolete. It is superseded by: Release date
sfha-sol10_x64-5.1SP1RP4 2013-08-21
vm-sol10_x64-5.1SP1RP3P2 (obsolete) 2013-03-15
sfha-sol_x64-5.1SP1RP3 (obsolete) 2012-10-02
vm-sol_x64-5.1SP1RP2P3 (obsolete) 2012-06-13
vm-sol_x64-5.1SP1RP2P2 (obsolete) 2011-11-03
vm-sol_x64-5.1SP1RP2P1 (obsolete) 2011-10-19
sfha-sol_x64-5.1SP1RP2 (obsolete) 2011-09-28
vm-sol_x64-5.1SP1RP1P2 (obsolete) 2011-06-07
vm-sol_x64-5.1SP1RP1P1 (obsolete) 2011-03-02
sfha-sol_x64-5.1SP1RP1 (obsolete) 2011-02-14

 Fixes the following incidents:

 Patch ID:

Readme file
Date: 2010-12-03
OS: Solaris Opteron
OS Version: 10_x86 
Etrack Incidents: 2211283

Errors/Problems Fixed:
Incidents included in this 5.1SP1P2
(e2211283) Patchrm from alternate root disk failed and corrupted the system.

Incidents included in 5.1SP1P1
(e2160199) Master reboot causes master_takeover;kernel-ondisk mismatch error on surviving node leading to panic
(e1426480) VOLCVM_CLEAR_PR ioctl does not propogate the error returned by DMP to the caller
(e2015467) Performance improvement work for NetBackup 6.5.5 on SF 5.1 VxVM mapping provider
(e2088007) Possibility of reviving only secondary paths in dmp_revive_paths()
(e2148738) vxdmpadm invoked by vxvm-sysboot during system boot is killed
(e2158438) FMR: vxsnap restore operation for 500 volumes spits garbage strings and sometime dumps core
(e2164906) MAXFLI:Need to enhance vxlustart script to support new option to luupgrade command in Sol109.
(e2166323) The installation of VRTSvxvm gets partially failed in solaris 10

Patch Installation Instructions:
For Solaris 10_x86 releases, refer to the man pages for instructions on
using 'patchadd' and 'patchrm' scripts provided with Solaris.
Any other special or non-generic installation instructions should be
described below as special instructions.  The following example
installs a patch to a standalone machine:

        example# patchadd 122058-xx

Patch Removal Instructions:
The following example removes a patch from a standalone system:

        example# patchrm 122058-xx

For additional examples please see the appropriate man pages.

Special Install Instructions:
You need to use the shutdown command to reboot the system after patch
installation or de-installation:

    shutdown -g0 -y -i6

A Solaris 10_x86 issue prevents this patch from complete installation.
Before installing this VM patch, install the Solaris patch
119254-70 (or a later revision). This Solaris patch fixes packaging,
installation and patch utilities. [Sun Bug ID 6337009]

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