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Release type: P-patch
Release date: 2011-01-27
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 Applies to one or more of the following products:
Storage Foundation 5.0 On HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)
Storage Foundation Cluster File System 5.0 On HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)
Storage Foundation for Oracle 5.0 On HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)
Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC 5.0 On HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)
Storage Foundation HA 5.0 On HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)
Volume Manager 5.0 On HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)
Volume Replicator 5.0 On HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)

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This patch is obsolete. It is superseded by: Release date
vm-hpux1131-5.0MP1P7 2014-10-22
vm-hpux1131-5.0MP1P4 (obsolete) 2011-09-05
vm-hpux1131-5.0MP1P3 (obsolete) 2011-05-23

This patch requires: Release date
vm-hpux1131-5.0MP1P1 (obsolete) 2010-09-16

 Fixes the following incidents:

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Readme file
Date: 2011-01-27
OS Version: 11.31
Etrack Incidents:2204439

Errors/Problems Fixed:

Incidents fixed in MP1P2:
Product  Incident_number  Abstract
VxVM    2204439 (2204434) SAS disk rootability failing with 5.0RP8 patches.

Incidents Fixed in MP1P1:
Product  Incident_number  Abstract
VxVM    2040176 (1899688) [VVR]Every I/O on smartsync enabled volume under VVR leaks memory
VxVM    2089511 (2070531) Campus cluster: Couldn't enable siteconsistency on a dcl volume, when trying to make the disk group and its volumes siteconsistent.
VxVM    2111248 (2078209) resize of vxvm volume resulting in vxconfigd hang -- Need to increase the default value for volpagemod_max_memsz to 64MB

Incidents Fixed in MP1:
Product  Incident_number  Abstract
VMPRO   1923605           VRTSvmpro configure script has initialization error of XML parser.

VxVM    1723192 (1461717) 'vxsnap make' command result in vxconfigd and IO sleep too long time
VxVM    1824198 (1638909) HP:11.31:5.0.1:CVM: Autoreattach: Running vxrecover hit the ted assert - f:vol_kmsg_respond:1a
VxVM    1845135 (1845133) Enable dmp_cache_open for 5.x releases
VxVM    1847435 (1755735) recovery I/Os get broken down to voliomem_chunk_size
VxVM    1857779 (1097258) vxconfigd hung when an array is disconnected
VxVM    1872749 (1405756) HP:11.31: 5.0.1: CVM: Add support for setting PFTO values cluster-wide
VxVM    1894579 (1904552) vxconfigd hung during reconfiguration test
VxVM    1918386 (1593844) DMP cannot maintain persistent iopolicy setting after reboot
VxVM    1921589 (1907796) Corrupted Blocks in Oracle after Dynamic LUN expansion and vxconfigd core dump
VxVM    1928353 (1957427) SSST: system panic with string 'Can't sleep in interrupt context'
VxVM    1937711 (1933970) Restrict the max_specialio tunable value to the permissible limit.
VxVM    1944262 (1701865) [QXCR1000920166] - willow 5.0.1: join failed due to interrupted reconfig on joiner and same reconfig completed on master
VxVM    1948158 (1222625) HPUX/VCS 5.x CVMCluster Agent doesn't handle non-C locales.
VxVM    1957364 (1729558) multiple vxplex attach cmds running in parallel on a volume lead to clearing DCO map and subsequently lead to corruption in FMR2
VxVM    1957366 (1744224) FMR3: multiple vxplex attach cmds running in parallel on a volume lead to clearing DCO map and subsequently lead to corruption
VxVM    1965417 (1804262) VVR:File system I/O of size bigger than 256k fails with error ENXIO after 2TB(>2G blocks)offset.
VxVM    1965418 (1959513) HP:11.31:50RP5HF2: Propogate -o noreonline option of diskgroup import to slave nodes
VxVM    1969192 (1062997) FMR:DCO volume moves to another disk when volume is grown, does not honour allocation specs.
VxVM    1969412 (786357)  Request to make voldrl_volumemax_drtregs a tunable
VxVM    1969420 (524055)  vxvm:vxassist : ERROR:Cannot update volume vol-1
VxVM    1969425 (1090155) During vxevac, the vxsd command can absorb all nfile resources in kernel
VxVM    1969447 (1265794) vxvol set doesn't alow changing campus cluster options while the volume is open
VxVM    1969457 (1443679) FMR3: I/Os initiating DCO updates for clearing DRL async clear region may not wait for its completion.
VxVM    1969463 (1450932) Enhance DMP's delay queue processing logic to avoid infinite retries
VxVM    1984890 (600447)  vxprivutil dumpconfig <disk> is showing last_platform as 0x0#bad
VxVM    1984900 (1089875) Increasing vol_maxio, vol_maxspecialio, and MAXIOSIZE to 1 MB on HP-UX
VxVM    1984907 (1078619) Allow mixed Naming Schemes, OSN/EBN
VxVM    1984920 (1067501) 210-074-149:HP:JAGag38229:VxVM4.1:'vxdisksetup -iB' incorrectly calculates publen
VxVM    1984928 (1037302) vxtask WARNING V-5-1-2497 Unable to get disk group record: Record not in disk group
VxVM    1984945 (990475)  FMR2 : Oring of DRL Recovery Map with FMR Detach Map when the volume is opened in RWBK mode
VxVM    1984975 (158585)  HPUX b_clock_ticks should not be set to zero
VxVM    1999673 (2000661) HP:11.31:5.0:RP8: Diskgroup rename during import with enhanced noreonline fails as slave uses the cached private region header info for diskgroup rather than info sent by Master
VxVM    2012600 (2006415) vxdisk init fails on SAS with Kauai. Geometry calculation needs to be changed
VxVM    2016375 (1735777) DMP paths for EFI disks, constantly going enabled/disabled and then failing/unstable on IA machines.
VxVM    2022181 (1729344) vxconfigd hung during dg destroy

Fixes Applied for Products:
Volume Manager

Install And Uninstall Instructions:
1. Remove all  the UnOfficial patches before installing patch.
2. Install these patches using:

	$ swinstall -x autoreboot=true -s <patch location> PHKL_41678

3. Please do swverify after installing the patches in order to make sure
   that the patches are installed correctly using:

	$ swverify PHKL_41678

4. Uninstall the patches using:

	$ swremove -x autoreboot=true PHKL_41678

Additional Notes:
1. The Patch PHKL_41678  can be installed only on a system with 5.0 11.31 Base-VxVM installed.
   The Patch PHCO_41046 (5.0 V3 MP1 VMPRO Patch ) can be installed only on a system with 5.0 11.31 VRTSvmpro installed.

2. PHCO_41434 and PHCO_40961 should be installed as a set to make the VM Provider work correctly.

4. The patch PHKL_41678 requires PHCO_41434 as COREQUISITE
6. The patch PHKL_41678 SUPERCEDES PHKL_41435, PHKL_40962, PHKL_40575, PHKL_40295, PHKL_39722, PHKL_39460, PHKL_38413, PHKL_38236
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