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Release date: 2011-02-07
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 Applies to one or more of the following products:
Enterprise Reporter 5.2 On Windows

 Obsolete patches, incompatibilities, superseded patches, or other requirements:

 Fixes the following incidents:
2135798, 2158267, 2182055, 2206484, 2229446, 2232438, 2234109

 Patch ID:

Readme file
Date: 2010-01-25

OS: Windows 2003 32bit and 64bit server,   Windows 2008 32 bit server,	Solaris 9,   Solaris 10

Etrack Incidents: 2232438,  2206484,  2234109,  2182055,  2229446,  2135798,   2158267

Errors/Problems Fixed: [

Merge data from multiple sources for the same object. (e2232438)
File System chargeback for the virtual machine should be based on backend LUNs. (e2206484)
Data rollup failed, because Enterprise Reporter could not remotely process data on the CommandCentral Storage server. (e2234109)
The Enterprise Reporter hotfix supports the ESMWeb hotfix for CommandCentral Storage. (e2182055)
CommandCentral Enterprise Reporter 5.1 incorrectly calculates chargeback report data. (e2229446)
The Enterprise Reporter 5.1 to 5.2 upgrade fails due to issues in Cognos_Configuration. (e2135798)
The SAN chargeback summary report incorrectly calculates capacity allocated to a host. (e2158267)

Installation and Uninstallation Instructions:

1. Hot fix name
Veritas CommandCentral Enterprise Reporter 5.2 Hot Fix

2. Required base product version
The required installed base product version for this hot fix is:

* Enterprise Reporter 5.2

3. Operating systems supported by the hot fix
* Windows 2003 32bit and 64bit server
* Windows 2008 32 bit server
* Solaris 9
* Solaris 10

4. Preparing to install the hot fix
Before you install this hot fix, do the following:

 1. Log in to the Enterprise Reporter console.

 2. In the Enterprise Reporter console,   click:

    Data Management > Data Rollup Configuration > Status

    Verify that no data rollups are in progress. To install this hotfix, all data rollup processes must be complete.

 3. Disable all data sources for data rollup. For each data source, do the following:

   a. Click:

      Data Management > Data Sources

   b. Select the data source.

   c. Deselect the Enabled checkbox.

   d. Click Save.

 4. For Oracle database connection, check that the tnsnames.ora file on the Enterprise Reporter Management Server includes entries for the
    host on which Oracle database resides. If entries for the Oracle host are not present in the tnsnames.ora file, add them. The entries allow the 
    Enterprise Reporter host to reach the Oracle host by using the tnsping utility.

5 - Installing the hotfix

    Enterprise Reporter on Windows OS:
       Download the file to a temporary location on an Enterprise Reporter server.
         Unpack the .zip,   which will give you the following files:
         - README (this file)
         - patches/VRTSccer-F520002232438.tar.gz

    Enterprise Reporter on Solaris OS:
       Download the file er-sol_sparc-5.2HF520002232438u-patches.tar.gz to a temporary location on an Enterprise Reporter server.
         Unpack the .zip,   which will give you the following files:
         - README (this file)
         - patches/VRTSccer-F520002232438.tar.gz 

 2. Change the current working directory to the <CCER_HOME>\hotfix directory where
    <CCER_HOME> is Enterprise Reporter installation directory

 3. Copy the VRTSccer-F520002232438.tar.gz to the <CCER_HOME>\hotfix directory

 4. Install the hot fix. Enter the following command:

    Windows: installccerhf.bat VRTSccer-F520002232438.tar.gz

    Solaris: ./ VRTSccer-F520002232438.tar.gz

 5. Follow the installation script prompts.
    When the installation script prompts you for an Oracle database

    user name and password,   enter the user name and password for a

    user with system administrator privileges.

 6. After you install the hot fix,   enable all data sources for data rollup.
   For each data source, do the following
   a. Click Data Management > Data Sources

   b. Select the data source.

   c. Select the Enabled checkbox.

   d. Click Save.

 7. If the hot fix installation fails, use the log files created during the attempted installation to diagnose the issue. The log
    files are located in the following directories:


      ER install directory\data\maint\VRTSccer-F520002232438\yyyymmdd_time\output\stdout.txt
      ER install directory\data\maint\VRTSccer-F520002232438\yyyymmdd_time\output\stderr.txt



Additional Notes:
 This hot fix includes the following bug fixes and enhancements:

* ETL Changes

  - The Ability to merge duplicate data in multi-site environment 
      Enterprise Reporter now supports the ability to roll up data about the same storage array or LUN from multiple data sources. 
      For example, two CommandCentral Storage Management Servers might discover the same storage array. If you roll up data from
      both of the Management Servers, Enterprise Reporter provides accurate information about the storage array.

  - Chargeback for file systems and volumes on virtual machines
	You can now use the metrics in the Chargeback Analysis package to retrieve usage data for file systems and volumes on 
        virtual	machines.

* GUI Changes

  - Enterprise Reporter now correctly detects CommandCentral Storage 5.2 sources.

  - Enterprise Reporter now detects .CCS esmweb HF. sources and corrects for any existing sources.

* Report Changes

  - Modified SAN chargeback summary report

    The report now uses 'Adjusted Allocated Capacity' instead of 'capacity allocated to host directly'. The total cost and physical
    capacity now use the same formula to calculate adjusted cost and adjusted physical capacity.

Known Issues
This hot fix contains the following known issues:

* stderr.txt log file has following error message:
  'Use of uninitialized value in'
     - You can ignore the error message since this does not affect product functionality and does not require 
       any action from you.

* This hot fix cannot be uninstalled.
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