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Release type: Hot Fix
Release date: 2011-05-12
OS update support: None
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 Applies to one or more of the following products:
Storage Foundation 5.1SP2 On Windows 32-bit
Storage Foundation HA 5.1SP2 On Windows 32-bit

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 Fixes the following incidents:

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Readme file
Date: 2011-05-02
OS: Windows
OS Version: 2003
OS Architecture: 32 bit
Packages: Automated System Recovery (ASR) Files
Etrack Incidents: 2360896

Errors/Problems Fixed

This hotfix addresses an issue where the Automated System Recovery (ASR) restore operation fails because of ASR files missing from the 32-bit SFW or SFW HA installation software package.

The Automated System Recovery operation fails because the ASR files are not included in the 32-bit SFW or SFW HA installation software package.

The missing ASR files are now included in this hotfix.
To address this issue, copy these ASR files to the 32-bit SFW or SFW HA software package and then recreate the installation package DVD.

Fixes Applied for Products
Storage Foundation 5.1 SP2 for Windows
Storage Foundation and High Availability 5.1 SP2 for Windows

Install/Uninstall Instructions
This hotfix includes the following directories and files:

Directory							File
storage_foundation_for_windows\ASRFiles\W2K3\ASRFiles		instpnp.exe
storage_foundation_for_windows\ASRFiles\W2K3\ASRFiles\ENU	asrmessages.dll
storage_foundation_for_windows\ASRFiles\W2K3\ASRFiles\JPN	asrmessages.dll
storage_foundation_for_windows\EventIds				EventIds_App.csv
storage_foundation_for_windows\EventIds				EventIds_Sys.csv

These files/directories are packaged in the following directory:

Perform the following steps to install the hotfix:
1. Download the hotfix file and extract the contents to a temporary location.
The hotfix files are extracted in "storage_foundation_for_windows" directory.

2. Download or copy the 32-bit SFW or SFW HA installation software package to a temporary location.

3. Copy all the hotfix files ("storage_foundation_for_windows" directory) extracted in step 1 earlier to the following directory on the 32-bit SFW or SFW HA installation package:
- <SFW / SFW HA - Win DVD>\bin

You must copy the entire directory, "storage_foundation_for_windows" to the target location.

4. After copying the hotfix files you can burn the updated installer package to a fresh DVD or make it available on a media server.

This fix has not been fully tested. It is recommended that the fix be evaluated in a test environment before implementing it in your production environment.  When the fix is incorporated into a Storage Foundation and HA for Windows maintenance release, the resulting Hotfix or Service Pack must be installed as soon as possible. Symantec Technical Services will notify you when the maintenance release (Hotfix or Service Pack) is available.
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