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 Basic information
Release type: Rolling Patch
Release date: 2011-07-12
OS update support: None
Technote: None
Documentation: None
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Download size: 5.29 MB
Checksum: 3537751091

 Applies to one or more of the following products:
File System 4.1MP2 On HP-UX 11i v2 (11.23)
Storage Foundation 4.1MP2 On HP-UX 11i v2 (11.23)
Storage Foundation Cluster File System 4.1MP2 On HP-UX 11i v2 (11.23)
Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC 4.1MP2 On HP-UX 11i v2 (11.23)
Storage Foundation HA 4.1MP2 On HP-UX 11i v2 (11.23)

 Obsolete patches, incompatibilities, superseded patches, or other requirements:

This patch is obsolete. It is superseded by: Release date
fs-hpux1123-4.1MP2RP14 2014-09-08
fs-hpux1123-4.1MP2RP13 2012-05-31
fs-hpux1123-4.1MP2RP12 (obsolete) 2011-11-17

This patch supersedes the following patches: Release date
fs-hpux1123-4.1MP2RP5b (obsolete) 2009-06-04

This patch requires: Release date
fs-hpux1123-4.1MP2RP9 (obsolete) 2010-10-12

 Fixes the following incidents:
2403838, 2405162

 Patch ID:

Readme file
Date: 2011-07-08
OS Version: 11.23
Etrack Incidents: 2403838, 2405162
Errors/Problems Fixed:
2403838 VxFS 4.1/11.23 system panics after fdd:fdd_getdev() unable to find device
2405162 Access denied on files inheriting default group ACL from parent directory.

2195664 fsck fails to repair corrupt directory blocks having duplicate directory entries.
2237065 [VxFS/ODM][413-328-688][HP-OEM] HOTSITE: QXCR1001093516 - HPIT CFS deadlock
2244300 System panic in vx_iupdat_clustblks()
2246160 vx_rdwr should handle the EIO returned from vx_tranidflush
2246161 write() system call hangs for over 10 seconds on VxFS 3.5 on 11.23
2257645 LM stress aborted due to "run_fsck : Failed to full fsck cleanly".
2276076 fsck can make more than one lost+found entries

2092337 getacl shows no permission for user but user can still access file
2092347 vxfs mkfs miscomputes free blocks
2092348 vxfsstat does not reflect the change of vx_ninode
2093275 QXCR1000550182 issue, not ported to 4.1/11.23

1874187 Adding quota support for user 'nobody' on HP-UX
1960790 System panic in inctext: VTEXT not set and tcount > 0
1960805 VxFS4.1: VxFS doesnt specify limits on tuning on vxfs_bc_bufhwm

1960816 VxFS read ahead can cause stalled IO on all write operations.

1500766 HP-UX 11.11; JFS 3.3; poor performance writing to mmap'ed sparse file.
1703201 subtype command not returning correct value when run as non root user
1786028 quotacheck coredumps with more than 30 quota- enabled filesystems in /etc/fstab
1785994 vx_vn_brelse() incorrectly calls vn_rele()
1818786 If force unmount fails, then next normal unmount may become force unmount and can lead to panic in HO 11.23
1791949 [VEA] SNMP traps for VxFS alerts fail.

 Install and Uninstall Instructions:

1.Installing VxFS 4.1 MP2RP11 patch:

a)If you install this patch on a CVM cluster, install it one
 system at a time so that all the nodes are not brought down
b)VxFS 4.1(GA)  must be installed before applying these
c)To verify the VERITAS file system level, enter:
     # swlist -l product | egrep -i 'VRTSvxfs'
  VRTSvxfs     4.1        VERITAS File System  
  VRTSfsman    4.1        VERITAS File System Manuals

d)All prerequisite/corequisite patches have to be installed.The Kernel patch 
  requires a system reboot for both installation and removal.
e)To install the patch, enter the following command:
# swinstall -x autoreboot=true -s <patch_directory> PHKL_42256
2.Removing VxFS 4.1-MP2RP11 patch:
a)To remove the patch, enter the following command:

# swremove -x autoreboot=true PHKL_42256


1.Special Installation Instruction: This patch requires 
the JFS fsck(1M) binary to be present at the
standard location (/sbin/fs/vxfs/fsck). The swverify(1M) command can be
used to verify the integrity of the JFS.VXFS-BASE-RUN fileset that
contains the fsck(1M) binary.
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