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Release type: P-patch
Release date: 2011-08-11
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FileStore 5.6 On SLES10 x86-64

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This patch is obsolete. It is superseded by: Release date
sfs-sles10_x86_64-5.6RP1P4HF6 2013-09-17

 Fixes the following incidents:
2388273, 2390876, 2396972, 2398359, 2400939, 2409969, 2410660, 2410663, 2410671, 2410675, 2410679, 2411418, 2413661, 2413776, 2413777, 2416454, 2426876, 2432117, 2433209

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Readme file
Date: 2011-08-11
OS Version: 10 SP3
Symantec FileStore 
5.6 RP1 P1 Patch Upgrade README

I.   Overview
II.  Upgrade procedure
III. Fixes in the new patch
IV.   Known issues

PATCH NAME 			: FileStore-sles10_x86_64-patch-5.6RP1P1.tar.gz
BASE PACKAGE NAME		: Symantec FileStore
CREATION DATE 			: 2011-08-03
CATEGORY 			: enhancement, performance issue

Symantec FileStore provides a scalable clustered storage solution. This document provides release information for the patch.

After you have installed or synchronized a new SFS patch into your cluster, the list of available commands may change. Please login again to the CLI to access the updated features. Please be noted that there is a downtime for the service during upgrading, the actual downtime was a little longer than the time of system reboot. To avoid data loss, we suggest stop I/O during the whole process of patch upgrading.  After you apply this patch, you cannot uninstall it. Please take notice that the 5.6 RP1P1 patch can only be installed on 5.6 or 5.6 P1 or 5.6 P2 or 5.6 P3 or 5.6 RP1.

To install the patch:
1. Login as master:
   ssh -l master <console ip>
2. Start the patch install:
   upgrade patch install <URL>

IMPORTANT: Full upgrade instructions are included in the FileStore 5.6 admin guide. IMPORTANT: Please note the following revision:

When you upgrade:

* Symantec recommends that you remove I/O fencing before upgrading any cluster node or exporting your current configuration. Use the Storage> fencing off command first followed by the Storage> fencing destroy command to remove I/O fencing. This step is not required, but it is suggested for a clean upgrade. 


Etrack Incidents: 2396972, 2398359, 2400939, 2409969, 2410660, 2410663, 2410671, 2410675, 2410679, 2411418, 2413661, 2413776, 2413777, 2416454, 2426876, 2432117, 2433209, 2390876, 2388273, 2420306, 2428328, 2429097, 2352422

Errors/Problems Fixed:
2396972,	After Upgrading from FileStore 5.6P1 to FileStore 5.6RP1, a "Phased software upgrade .." message displays whenever you log into the master account.
2396248, 2398359	The Storage> quota fs enable command hangs when setting user quotas.
2400943, 2400939	Web service script (webserice.sh) is called recursively when upgrading a patch. 
2390091, 2409969	Formatting needed in output of the CIFS> local user show [username] command.
2410660,	FileStore hangs when disabling, then re-enabling a CIFS home directory in the file system.
2411496, 2410663	After some operations, a file system cannot be brought online.
2411499, 2410671	Disk Group and other command output still exists after deleting a LUN.
2411516, 2410675	When the public Ethernet port that supports the default gateway is down, the default gateway disappears.
2411374, 2410679	Cannot disable a home directory quota for CIFS users after the quota is enabled.
2410680, 1940890	Antivirus> autoprotect disable command not displaying all the file system entries in disabled list.
2409332, 2411418	The VCS hastop command causes a master node to become a graceful leaver before the new master takes over. Later, the Cluster Volume Manager (CVM) service may have trouble auto-importing a shared disk group.
2414830, 2413661	Removing a controller power cable does not generate an alert.
2414719, 2413776	The replication process stalls after an Ethernet interface card is removed.
2414854, 2413777	The replication process stalls and replication messages hang when an Ethernet interface is disabled.
2421200, 2416454	The Storage> fs growto command fails when you use the dd (data description) command to add data into a mirrored-stripe file system.
2426876,	Removing a fiber optics cable caused the node to reboot. After rebooting, no VIP address was assigned to the node.
2416234, 2432117	The event notification process is broken.
2426529, 2433209 The nlm file system is getting bigger because of the SFS database size.
2390876 	Incorrect Symantec logo image is displayed in the online Help window.
2388273         The FileStore Management Console (GUI) is reporting incorrect information.
2420306		The N8300 ISM cannot display version information because the version information format is wrong.
2428328		Setting for CIFS netbios alias should be removed from the FileStore Management Console (GUI).
2429097		The CIFS> homedir show command fails when there are a large number of home directories (over 2000).
2352422		After a patch upgrade from 5.6P2 to 5.6P3 (or to 5.6RP1) the FileStore Management Console (GUI) is offline.

IV. Known Issues:

Etrack Incident: 2390533

Symptom: Errors appear in the /var/log/messages  file that indicate the add_host.log file does not exist.

Description: This is a known issue for the VRTSsfmh (Storage Foundation HA) package included with FileStore 5.6.  This package has been updated in FileStore 5.7 to fix the issue.

Workaround: For FileStore 5.6, manually create an add_host.log file in the /var/opt/VRTSsfmh/logs directory. For FileStore 5.7, no action is required. The issue is fixed.

Etrack Incident: 2428325

Symptom: Client cannot use netbios aliases to access a CIFS normal share.

Description: You cannot use netbios aliases to access CIFS shares. CIFS alias settings have been removed from the FileStore CLI and the FileStore GUI.  Alias configurations you entered in previous releases are not recognized.

Workaround: There is no workaround for this issue. This feature has been deprecated.

Etrack Incident: 2492358, 2491834

Symptom: AntiVirus Java Liveupdate sometimes deletes files in the /tmp directory.

Description: The Java Liveupdate (JLU) component in SAVFL may delete files in the /tmp directory that are not related to JLU. If you have data or symlink files stored under the /tmp directory, the data may be lost.

Workaround: Configure the AV Java LiveUpdate process to use a separate directory. To configure, change the following line in the /opt/VRTSnasgw/conf/liveupdate.conf file:
From: workdir=/tmp
To: workdir=/tmp/liveupdate

Etrack Incident: 2279450

Symptom: When executing the CIFS> mapuser add <map-from-user> <domain-name> <map-to-user> command, if the map-to-user specified is an NIS or LDAP user, this operation fails with a "user does not exist" error.

Description: When FileStore checks the existence of a specified map-to user, not all users are located.

Workaround: There is no workaround for this issue. It is fixed in FileStore 5.7. It may be fixed in a future release of FileStore 5.6.

Etrack Incident: 2440816

Symptom: In some cases, prompts for user input are not displayed properly which blocks the FileStore N8300 ISM. 

Description: Some FileStore commands will continue to execute only after you enter a yes or no response to a prompt. In some cases, this prompt does not appear. 

Workaround: There is no workaround for this issue. Most of these issues have been fixed in FileStore 5.7.

Etrack Incident: 2579137

Symptom/Description: CIFS configuration does not refresh after patching 5.6RP1P1 patch.

Workaround: Restart CIFS server from CLISH or GUI after upgrading. 

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