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Release date: 2011-08-12
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 Applies to one or more of the following products:
Data Insight 2.0.1 On Windows 32-bit
Data Insight 2.0.1 On Windows 64-bit

 Obsolete patches, incompatibilities, superseded patches, or other requirements:

 Fixes the following incidents:
2089175, 2289810, 2291049, 2292285, 2331730, 2352929, 2357837, 2359392, 2392818, 2409899, 2424856, 2445073, 2477352, 2479647, 2480939, 2481360, 2490182, 2491811, 2493103, 2495543

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OS: Windows

Etrack Incidents: 2289810, 2089175, 2291049, 2331730, 2292285, 2352929, 2357837, 2359392, 2392818, 2409899, 2424856, 2491811, 2445073, 2477352, 2479647, 2480939, 2481360, 2493103, 2490182, 2495543

Errors/Problems Fixed:

Inactive files were incorrectly computed when audit events were not available. 
With this patch, Data Insight will use last access time from scanner 
meta-data to determine inactive files. Reports fixed: 
Storage by Owner, Inactive Data by Owner, and Inactive Data by Type and Owner.
(2289810) [Applies to: indexer]

Incorrect last_access_date is shown on folder overview page when there are no 
audit events. With this patch, correct value is now shown.
(2089175) [Applies to: indexer]

Index writer fails to update an index containing scan information if a path in the
scan database contains a trailing slash. Scanner puts such a path in the scan
database in certain cases where a path is deleted in the middle of scanner scanning
the path.
(2291049) [Applies to: indexer]

While importing DFS path mappings, if some filers in the mappings are not monitored
by Data Insight, import is reported as failure.  
(2331730) [Applies to: management server]

If name of the share has non-english characters, scan of the share fails.
(2292285) [Applies to: collector]

Report generation fails with "Out of Memory" condition for large outputs.
(2352929) [Applies to: management server]

If a report exists whose schedule exists in the past, rest of the reports are
not scheduled.
(2357837) [Applies to: management server]

Console tries to open tabs of a previously logged in user after the previous 
user logs out and the new users logs in without refreshing the browser window.
(2359392) [Applies to: management server]

Error processing audit events coming from CIFS servers for a Celerra Virtual
Data Mover. You need to perform some additional configuration steps as 
outlined later in the document.
(2392818) [Applies to: collector]

Scanner does not extract share-level permissions for Celerra shares when 
permissions are granted to group Everyone.
(2409899) [Applies to: collector]

Allow DataInsightFpolicy service to run with Local System credentials in
order to support NetApp filers that might be in a different untrusted domain than 
the collector.
(2424856) [Applies to: collector]

Allow selection of Windows BUILTIN users/groups like "Authenticated Users"
when creating reports. A new domain called "BUILTIN" will be added to user 
database after a new Active Directory scan.
(2491811) [Applies to: management server]

Index Writer fails to update an index for certain directory rename scenarios.
(2445073) [Applies to: indexer]

Scanner crashes in certain cases when resuming scan for a share containing more 
than 5 million directories.
(2477352) [Applies to: collector]

Scanner is not able to scan shares with non-ascii share names.
(2479647) [Applies to: collector]

Improve index writer performance to handle large number of incoming events.
(2480939) [Applies to: indexer]

"Slow script warning" in Internet Explorer for Settings>>Filer List page.
(2481360) [Applies to: management server]

If you create an exclude rule to exclude events from a user from a specific IP
address, all events by that user are excluded in WinNAS regardless of the IP 
(2493103) [Applies to: windows file server agent]

Cross-launch from User Activity/Folder Activity tab doesn't function properly 
for a share with Japanese characters.
(2490182) [Applies to: management server]

"Other" column does not show proper counts in User Activity By Folder screen.
(2495543) [Applies to: management server]

Install/Uninstall Instructions:

Apply this rolling patch on all Data Insight servers with version 2.0.1
with or without 2.0.1RP4 or lower.


INSTALL_DIR\tomcat\webapps\ROOT\ui (folder)
INSTALL_DIR\tomcat\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes (folder)

NOTE: Please keep a backup of the files  you are about to patch. This will be
required in case you want to manually rollback the patch.

High Level Steps:
1. Apply the rolling patch on Management Server first, followed by all Worker Nodes.
2. Next, apply patch to Windows File Server agents (if applicable).
3. Perform steps on Management Server to address incident 2392818.

Patching Data Insight Management Server and Worker Nodes:
1. Log onto each server with Administrative privileges.
2. Unzip the patch files to a temporary folder. In this folder, locate the rolling
   patch installer for the appropriate OS architecture. The installer is called
   Symantec_DataInsight_windows_201RP5_2_0_1_138_x64.exe for 64 bit OS and
   Symantec_DataInsight_windows_201RP5_2_0_1_138_x86.exe for 32 bit OS.
3. Launch the installer executable to install the rolling patch.

Patching Data Insight Windows File Server agents:
1. Unzip the patch files to a temporary folder. In this folder, locate the rolling
   patch installer bundles for Windows File Server agents. The agent bundle is called for 64 bit OS and for 32 bit OS.
2. Log into the Management Console with Server Administrator privilege and upload the 
   agent bundles to the appropriate collector worker nodes using "Agent Uploader" page
   in the Settings tab.
3. Navigate to Filer details page for each configured Windows File Server in the Settings
   tab and click on "Upgrade Agent" button available on the top of the page. This option
   is only visible if you have enabled the option to let Data Insight install/upgrade
   agent for this filer.
4. Alternately, to manually patch a Windows File Server agent, log onto the Windows File
   Server machine with Administrative privileges, unzip the agent installer bundle in a
   temporary location, and launch the patch installer. The patch installer is called
   Symantec_DataInsight_windows_winnas_201RP5_2_0_1_138_x64.exe for 64 bit OS,
   and Symantec_DataInsight_windows_winnas_201RP5_2_0_1_138_x86.exe for 32 bit

Addressing issue 2392818: Processing events for CIFS servers for a Celerra Virtual Data Mover
To address incident 2392818, perform the following steps only on the Management Server: 
(Steps assume default install folder; your install folder could be different)
1. Open command prompt.
2. Obtain IDs for all CIFS servers for a Celerra Virtual Data Mover
   configured in Data Insight. To do so, execute the following command:
   "C:\Program Files\Symantec\DataInsight\bin\configdb.exe" -F
   ID is the first column in the display.
3. For each ID noted in steps 2, issue the following command:
   "C:\Program Files\Symantec\DataInsight\bin\configdb.exe" -o -T filer -k <ID> -J filer.celerra.vdm -j true
   NOTE: In above command, replace <ID> with actual filer ID, e.g. If ID
   of your filer is 3, issue the following command:
   "C:\Program Files\Symantec\DataInsight\bin\configdb.exe" -o -T filer -k 3 -J filer.celerra.vdm -j true
4. To check if the property was set properly, issue the following command:
   "C:\Program Files\Symantec\DataInsight\bin\configdb.exe" -P
   For each filer you just updated, you should see an entry that looks like the following:
NOTE: You will need to perform these steps on all new CIFS servers for a Celerra
      Virtual Data Mover added in future.

Additional Notes:
1. At this time, automated roll back of patch is not supported. To roll back the
   patch manually:
   a. Remember to take a backup of original files before you install the rolling patch.
   b. To roll back the patch, stop all Data Insight services, overwrite the patched 
      files with original files from backup, and restart services.
2. To confirm if a system has been patched, check the version of Data Insight using
   "Add/Remove Programs" applet in the Control Panel.
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