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 Applies to one or more of the following products:
FileStore N8300 Appliance 5.6 On SLES10 x86-64

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 Fixes the following incidents:
2308478, 2308485, 2308489, 2358905, 2412676, 2412681, 2412690, 2413780

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Readme file
Date: 2011-11-07
OS Version: 10 SP3
Symantec FileStore N8300
N8300 5.6RP1P2 Patch Upgrade README

I.   Overview
II.  Upgrade procedure
III. Fixes in the new patch
IV.  Known issues

PATCH NAME 		: Filestore-N8300-5.6RP1P2.tar.gz
BASE PACKAGE NAME	: Symantec FileStore N8300
CREATION DATE 		: 2011-11-07
CATEGORY 		: enhancement, performance issue

I. Overview
This release patch includes five components: 
 N8300 Filestore patch (SFSFS-patch-5_6_rp1p2_rc9_2011_11_01.tar.gz )
 N8300 ISM patch (n8k_patch111112.tar.gz )
 S5600 Array firmware patch (fc_ses.bin)
 S5600 Array system software patch (ST9SPCF201.03.05.126.T03.tgz)
 S5600 Stand-alone ISM client (FileStore ISM.exe)

Filestore patch shall be installed before ISM and array patch. 

II. Upgrade procedure


1. Export configuration data and running data: 
	ISM -> Settings -> Import/Export -> Export Configuration Data  & Export Running Data.

2. Stop I/O load or stop NAS Services via ISM
	ISM -> CIFS -> CIFS Service ->Disable
	ISM -> CIFS -> NFS Service ->Disable
	ISM -> FTP -> FTP Service ->Disable
	ISM -> HTTP-> HTTP Service ->Disable
	ISM -> Replication -> Job ->Disable

   Or stop services via master login (CLISH):
	N8300>CIFS server stop
	N8300>NFS server stop
	N8300>FTP server stop
	N8300>HTTP server stop
	N8300>Replication service stop

3. Download Filestore-N8300-5.6RP1P2.tar.gz to a Windows machine, expand and check md5sum:
	fb23d358348fc2dbb00a7159e20cf941  SFSFS-patch-5_6_rp1p2_rc9_2011_11_01.tar.gz
	283f5857f868743951064e7d82ecd813  ST9SPCF201.03.05.126.T03.tgz
	e0e17b58463166ab94a548e106e41bb8  fc_ses.bin
	93978e8e6b5c418a61ba3589912d8da9  n8k_patch111112.tar.gz
	a1baf7e8a48f06e06555068132379a64  FileStore ISM.exe
4. Plan service down time for about 1 hours:
	Filestore patch takes about 45 minutes to install for two-node cluster. 
	ISM patch takes about 15 minutes to install. 
	Array patch takes about 30 minutes to install. 
	Array can be upgraded in parallel with Filestore patch using stand-alone ISM (FileStore ISM.exe).

5. Array upgrade is not required if cluster is already at 5.6RP1P1 which has array version of 126.T03 and SES version of 077

6. Before reinstalling,  turn off the clone flag for disks on the master node via support login:
	1.Use the following command to check if there are clone disks:
	# vxdisk list|grep clone_disk
	2.After verifying the the clone disks, use the following command to turn of the clone flag:
	# for disk in `vxdisk list | grep clone_disk | awk '{print $1}' `
		vxdisk -f updateudid $disk
		vxdisk set $disk clone=off

Install Filestore Patch 

1. Copy  SFSFS-patch-5_6_rp1p2_rc9_2011_11_01.tar.gz to filestore master node via support login.
2. Install Filestore Patch via  master login (CLISH):

	N8300>upgrade patch install scp://support@localhost:/home/support/patches/SFSFS-patch-5_6_rp1p2_rc9_2011_11_01.tar.gz

	Patch will be installed on slave nodes first followed by reboot. Master node will be installed last and will reboot, hence the above command will break. 

3. Monitor and check cluster status: 
	To check installation is done, login to master node again (should switch to another node) and check all nodes are at running state:
	N8300>cluster show
	----            -----      -----------   -------- --------   -------- --------
	N8300_01       RUNNING          0.98       0.01     0.00       0.01     0.00 
	N8300_02       RUNNING          0.97       0.01     0.00       0.01     0.00 

	N8300_01# gabconfig -a
		GAB Port Memberships
		Port a gen  1128e02 membership 01
		Port b gen  1128e04 membership 01
		Port f gen  1128e0c membership 01
		Port h gen  1128e06 membership 01
		Port v gen  1128e08 membership 01
		Port w gen  1128e0a membership 01

Note: please refer to Filestore 5.6 admin guide for "support" user login and details of patch installation.

Install ISM Patch

1. Copy n8k_patch111105.tar.gz to filestore master node via support login.
2. ISM patch will be installed from master node via support login: 
	N8300_01# su - root
	N8300_01# tar zxvf n8k_patch111112.tar.gz
	N8300_01# cd patch/
	N8300_01# ./hs_patch_install.sh

Note: make sure this is done on master node where console IP is online, to check:
	N8300> network ip addr show
Install Array software Patch

1. On windows client, login ISM.
2. Check cache capacity:
	ISM->Device Info -> Controllers -> A/B -> Details : 
	Cache Capacity (MB) 8, 192

Note: Stop upgrading if cache is less than 4, 096 MB, and contact Symantec Support to upgrade cache first.

2. Upgrade ses firmware via ISM:
	ISM->Settings -> Software Upgrade -> Upgrade -> SES Firmware
	Select "fc_ses.bin" and continue.
3. Upgrade array controller software via ISM:
	ISM->Settings -> Software Upgrade -> Upgrade -> Device System Software:
	Select "ST9SPCF201.03.05.126.T03.tgz" and continue.
Post Install Check and Start Services

1. Check Filestore patch version: 
	ISM-> Clusted NAS -> Basic System Info -> Engine Version:

	Or login to master node (CLISH):
	N8300> upgrade show
	5.6RP1P2 ENTERPRISE EDITION (Mon Oct 31 14:08:57 2011) 

2. Check array version: 
	ISM-> Settings -> Software Upgrade -> Upgrade -> SES Firmware -> check current version
	Version: 077
	ISM-> Settings -> Software Upgrade -> Upgrade -> Device System Software -> check version

	Or login to array CLI:
	  Controller    Software Version
             SES Version
	Subrack ID    Board ID    Version
	0             1           077
	0             0           077


Download ISM to Windows client

1. Remove current ISM version: at command prompt, type "javaws -viewer", a Java Cache Viewer window will showup with list of ISM installations. Highlight ISM and click "X" button to delete it.

2. Install ISM: open Internet browser and type : http://<console IP>:/8088, and click on download link 

III. Fixes in the new patch for ISM/array

Etrack Incidents:2308478, 2308485, 2308489, 2412676, 2412681, 2412690, 2413780, 2358905, 
ISM/array software fixed issue list:
	2309472, 2308478: ISM: cannot delete host group and no meaningful error prompt 
	2309478, 2308485: ISM: page at port 8088 does not have SYMC logo displayed 
	2309485, 2308489: ISM: SYMC logo not displayed
	2414820, 2412676: ISM: initiator-host mapping not displayed 
	2414941, 2412681: ISM: displays DMP paths linked to one node only
	2414920, 2412690: ISM: does not allow to select NIC for replication link
	2414898, 2413780: ISM[FTP]: need to allow FTP share inside and CIFS shared FS
	2360118, 2358905: unable to add node using the ISM GUI

Filestore fixed issue list:
	refer: https://sort.symantec.com/patch/detail/5627

IV. Known Issues:

	refer : https://sort.symantec.com/patch/detail/5627
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