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The latest patch(es) : sfsn8300-sles11_x86_64-5.7P3 
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 Basic information
Release type: P-patch
Release date: 2012-06-15
OS update support: None
Technote: None
Documentation: None
Popularity: 443 viewed    17 downloaded
Download size: 478.45 MB
Checksum: 553393869

 Applies to one or more of the following products:
FileStore N8300 Appliance 5.7 On SLES11 x86-64

 Obsolete patches, incompatibilities, superseded patches, or other requirements:

This patch is obsolete. It is superseded by: Release date
sfsn8300-sles11_x86_64-5.7P3 2012-08-29

 Fixes the following incidents:
2670274, 2707721

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 Readme file  [Save As...]
Date: 2012-06-15
OS Version: 11 SP1

Symantec N8300
N8300 5.7P2 Patch Upgrade README

I.   	Overview
II.  	Upgrade procedure
III. 	Fixed issues
IV. 	Known issues

PATCH NAME 		: sfsn8300-sles11_x86_64-5.7P2-patches.tar.gz
BASE PACKAGE NAME	: Symantec N8300
CREATION DATE 		: 2012-06-15
CATEGORY 		: enhancement, bug fix.

I. Overview
This readme is for upgrading from N8300 5.7GA or 5.7P1 to 5.7P2.  

This release patch includes two components: 
 N8300 FileStore patch (SFSFS-patch-5.7P2_rc9_2012_04_25.tar.gz)
 N8300 ISM (Integrated Service Manager) patch (n8k_patch_2012_06_13.tar.gz)

	1. Patch upgrade will cause service failover from one node to another which will take about 15 seconds. This will not impact NFS client mounts and replication jobs, but CIFS client mounts will need to connect again, and backup jobs need to be resumed as well after an upgrade. 
	2. For the above reason, it is recommended to stop CIFS, backup, and EV I/O loads during an upgrade.  
	3. The 5.7P2 patch can only be applied to 5.7GA and 5.7P1 releases, not for the 5.6 release.  
	4. Patch upgrade cannot be rollbacked once applied.

II. Upgrade procedure

1. Stop I/O load on client or stop services:
	Via ISM:
	ISM ----> CIFS ---> CIFS Service ---->Disable
	ISM ----> FTP ----> FTP Service ---->Disable
	ISM ----> HTTP ----> HTTP Service ---->Disable

	N8300>CIFS server stop
	N8300>FTP server stop
	N8300>HTTP server stop
	N8300>Backup stop

2. Download sfsn8300-sles11_x86_64-5.7P2-patches.tar.gz to a Windows machine, expand and check md5sum:	
        fd078947bbdced3f8fc5e0f9cbbf7616  SFSFS-patch-5.7P2_rc9_2012_04_25.tar.gz
        44fd53e1b6e6b7a3a0391b8a14acaced  n8k_patch_2012_06_13.tar.gz

3. If fencing is enabled, turn off fencing, and remove I/O fencing before the upgrade:
	N8300> storage fencing off
	N8300> storage fencing destroy

4. Total patch upgrade time is about 45 minutes for a two-node cluster.
5. Symantec N8300 5.7P2 has the same array version as 5.7GA and 5.7P1. The system version should be 126.T03 and SES version should be 077. 

Change Disk Array S5600 working mode

   We upgraded ASL (Array Support Library) package for this version; It only supports Disk Array S5600 A/A-A working mode. Previously, we used A/P-F mode; we need to change it to A/A-A.
	a. Login array (default user/password: admin/123456)
	b. Check current host group working mode
		Host Group ID    Os Type    Name
		0                Windows    Default Group
		1                Linux      N8Kcls
		admin:/>showsysworkmode -group 1
		Work Mode Information
		Host Group ID | 1
		Work Mode     | A/P-F
	c. Change it to A/A-A work mode
		admin:/>chgsysworkmode -group 1 -mode 1
		command operates successfully
		admin:/>showsysworkmode -group 1
		Work Mode Information
		Host Group ID | 1
		Work Mode     | A/A-A
	d. Run "vxdctl enable" command on both engine nodes.
Install FileStore Patch 

1. Copy SFSFS-patch-5.7P2_rc9_2012_04_25.tar.gz to N8300 master node (/home/support) via support login.
2. Install FileStore Patch via master login (CLISH):

	N8300>upgrade patch install scp://support@localhost:/home/support/SFSFS-patch-5.7P2_rc9_2012_04_25.tar.gz

	Patch will be installed on slave nodes first followed by a reboot. Master node will be installed last and will reboot, hence the above command will break. 
3.  Monitor and check cluster status: 

	To check that the installation is done, login to the master node again (should switch to another node), and check that all nodes are at the RUNNING state:
	N8300>cluster show
	----            -----      -----------   -------- --------   -------- --------
	N8300_01       RUNNING          0.98       0.01     0.00       0.01     0.00 
	N8300_02       RUNNING          0.97       0.01     0.00       0.01     0.00 
	N8300_02:~ # gabconfig -a
	GAB Port Memberships
	Port a gen   1d4604 membership 01
	Port b gen   1d4607 membership 01
	Port f gen   1d4611 membership 01
	Port h gen   1d4619 membership 01
	Port u gen   1d460f membership 01
	Port v gen   1d460b membership 01
	Port w gen   1d460d membership 01

Note: Please refer to the Symantec FileStore N8300 5.7 Command Reference Guide for "support" user login and details of patch installation.

Install ISM Patch

1. Copy n8k_patch_2012_06_13.tar.gz to N8300 master node via the support login.
2. ISM patch will be installed from the master node via the support login: 
	N8300_02# su - root
	N8300_02# cd /home/support
	N8300_02# tar zxvf  n8k_patch_2012_06_13.tar.gz
	N8300_02# cd patch/
	N8300_02# ./

Note: Make sure this is done on the master node where the console IP is online. To check:
	N8300> network ip addr show

Post-Install Processes 
1. If fencing was enabled, enable it again.

2. Check the N8300 patch version: 
	ISM-> Clusted NAS -> Basic System Info -> Engine Version:

	Or login to master node (CLISH):
	N8300> upgrade show
	5.7P2 ENTERPRISE EDITION  (Wed Apr 25 08:20:49 2012)
	5.7P2 ENTERPRISE EDITION  (Wed Apr 25 08:20:49 2012),      Installed on Wed Jun 13 06:42:01 EDT 2012, Cannot be uninstalled

3. Download the ISM to Windows:
	Remove the current ISM version: 
	At the Windows command prompt, type "javaws -viewer". A Java Cache Viewer window will display with a list of ISM installations.    
	Highlight ISM, and click the "X" button to delete it.
	Install the ISM: 
	Open an Internet browser window and type: http://<console IP>:8088.  Select "Click Here to Launch FileStore ISM" and follow the prompts to install a new ISM version.

III. Fixed issues 

Etrack incidents: 2670274, 2707721
	2693532, 2670274  [ISM] system type is displayed as 8350 on N8300 cluster 
		2707721  [ISM] ISM display Chinese note on English OS 	

FileStore fixed issues list:
	Refer to:

IV. Known Issues:
Etrack incident: 2679475

SYMPTOM: ISM cannot clear http documentroot. 

DESCRIPTION: ISM did not provide function to delete http documentroot on the GUI.

RESOLUTION: Use the CLISH (CLI) to clear http documentroot.

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