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Release date: 2012-08-06
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 Applies to one or more of the following products:
Enterprise Reporter 5.2RU3 On Windows 32-bit
Enterprise Reporter 5.2RU3 On Windows 64-bit

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 Fixes the following incidents:

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Readme file
Date: 2012-Aug-06

OS: Windows 2003 32bit and 64bit server,   Windows 2008 32 bit server,	Solaris 9,   Solaris 10

Etrack Incidents:  2873616

Errors/Problems Fixed: [

Enhance ER Roll ups to have a better charge back report for LUNs having issues with masking/binding data in CCStorage (e2873616)

Install/Uninstall Instructions:

1. Overview of the HotFix

-  Enterprise Reportor Management Server 5.2 RU3 HotFix#3.
      Download file for Windows ER Server =>
      Download file for Solaris ER Server => er-sol_sparc-5.2RU3HF520002873616u3-patches.tar.gz

-  This hotfix can be applied on Enterprise Reportor Management Server 5.2 RU3 only. Files that is available for download includes the following:

     Summary: This is a README file

   * Folder 'patches': 
     Summary: This 'patches' folder contains a file 'VRTSccer-F520002873616.tar.gz' which is a compressed file containing hotfix patch
     "Enterprise Reportor Management Server 5.2 RU3 HotFix#3"

2. Required base product version

 The required installed base product version for this hot fix is:

* Enterprise Reporter 5.2 RU3

3. Operating systems supported by the hot fix
* Windows 2003 32bit and 64bit server
* Windows 2008 32 bit server
* Solaris 9
* Solaris 10

4. Preparing to install the hot fix

 Before you install this hot fix,   perform these steps:

 1. Log in to the Enterprise Reporter console.

 2. In the Enterprise Reporter console,   click:

     Data Management >> Data Rollup Configuration >> Status

     Verify that no data rollups are in progress. To install this hot fix, all data rollup processes must be complete.

 3. Disable all data sources for data rollup. For each data source:

  a. Click:

    Data Management >> Data Sources

  b. Select the data source.

  c. Uncheck the Enabled checkbox.

  d. Click Save.

 4. If the Oracle database is on a remote system, check that the tnsnames.ora
    file on the Enterprise Reporter Management Server includes entries for the
    host where the Oracle database resides. If entries for the Oracle host are not
    present in the tnsnames.ora file, add them. The entries allow the Enterprise
    Reporter host to reach the Oracle host by using the tnsping utility.

5 - Installing the hotfix

 1. Download the file VRTSccer-F520002873616.tar.gz to a
    temporary location on an Enterprise Reporter server.

 2. Change current working directory to the <CCER_HOME>\hotfix directory.
    for eg: <CCER_HOME> is ER install directory

 3. Copy the VRTSccer-F520002873616.tar.gz to the <CCER_HOME>\hotfix directory

 4. Install the hot fix by entering the following command:

    Windows: installccerhf.bat VRTSccer-F520002873616.tar.gz
    Solaris: ./ VRTSccer-F520002873616.tar.gz

 5. Follow the installation script prompts.
    When the installation script prompts you for an Oracle database
    user name and password,   enter the user name and password for a
    user with system administrator privileges.

 6. After you install the hot fix,   enable all data sources for data rollup.
   For each data source:
   a. Click:

      Data Management >> Data Sources

   b. Select the data source.

   c. Check the Enabled checkbox.

   d. Click Save.

 7. If the hot fix installation fails,   use the log files created
    during the attempted installation to diagnose the issue. The log
    files are as follows:


      ER install directory\data\maint\VRTSccer-F520002873616\yyyymmdd_time\output\stdout.txt
      ER install directory\data\maint\VRTSccer-F520002873616\yyyymmdd_time\output\stderr.txt



Additional Notes:
 This hot fix includes following fixed features and enhancements:

* ETL Changes
  - Enhance support for non-array luns rollups. In addition to LUNS masked from array side, enhanced ETL to add all luns which are visible on host including DAS LUNs.

* Metamodel Changes
  - Enhanced 'Host Storage Allocation' package to report on LUNs without any Array correlation and also chargeback on DAS LUNs 

Known Issues
This hot fix contains the following known issues:

* This hot fix cannot be uninstalled.
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