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Release type: Maintenance Pack
Release date: 2012-08-31
OS update support: None
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 Applies to one or more of the following products:
FileStore 5.7 On SLES11 x86-64

 Obsolete patches, incompatibilities, superseded patches, or other requirements:

This patch supersedes the following patches: Release date
sfs-sles11_x86_64-5.7P3 (obsolete) 2012-06-15
sfs-sles11_x86_64-5.7P2a (obsolete) 2012-04-25
sfs-sles11_x86_64-5.7P1 (obsolete) 2011-12-22

 Fixes the following incidents:
1154121, 1595549, 1944384, 1977720, 2018980, 2052454, 2098473, 2100531, 2141453, 2161015, 2173545, 2181696, 2186528, 2189965, 2197896, 2204320, 2204328, 2212190, 2218329, 2378396, 2403712, 2425092, 2427543, 2429200, 2443700, 2482153, 2488370, 2491577, 2492497, 2517372, 2518217, 2521562, 2602726, 2602769, 2602771, 2602773, 2605887

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Readme file
Date: 2012-08-31
OS Version: 11 SP1
Symantec FileStore 
5.7 MP1 Patch Upgrade README

I.   Overview
II.  Upgrade procedure
III. Fixes in the new patch
IV.  Known issues

PATCH ID 	        : N/A
PATCH NAME	        : sfs-sles11_x86_64-5.7MP1-patches.tar.gz
BASE PACKAGE NAME	: Symantec FileStore
CREATION DATE 		: 2012-08-31
CATEGORY 		: enhancement, performance issue

Symantec FileStore provides a scalable clustered storage solution. This document provides release information for the patch.

1. Patch upgrade will cause service failover from one node to another which will take about 15 seconds. This will not impact NFS client mounts and replication jobs, but CIFS client mounts will need to connect again, and backup jobs need to be resumed as well after an upgrade. 
2. For the above reason, it is recommended to stop CIFS, backup, and EV I/O loads during an upgrade.  
3. The 5.7 MP1 patch can only be applied to the 5.7, 5.7P1, 5.7P2, or 5.7P3 release.  
4. Patch upgrade cannot be rollbacked once applied.
5. Don"t proceed upgrade when there are heavy I/O ongoing

To install the patch:
1. Extact sfs-sles11_x86_64-5.7MP1-patches.tar.gz.
2. Copy SFSFS-patch-5.7MP1_2012_08_30.tar.gz to the FileStore master node at (/home/support/patches/) using the support login.
3. If fencing is enabled, turn off and remove I/O fencing before the upgrade:
filestore> storage> fencing off
filestore> storage> fencing destroy

4. Install the FileStore patch using the master login (CLISH):

filestore>upgrade patch install scp://support@localhost:/home/support/patches/SFSFS-patch-5.7MP1_2012_08_30.tar.gz

The patch is installed on the slave nodes first followed by a system reboot. The master node is installed last followed 
by a system reboot.

5. If fencing was enabled, enable it again.

6. Monitor and check the status of the FileStore cluster: 

To check that the installation is complete, login to the master node again (switch to another node), and check that all the nodes are in the RUNNING state:

filestore> cluster show
------------       -----      -----------   -------- --------   -------- --------
filestore_01       RUNNING          0.98       0.01     0.00       0.01     0.00 
filestore_02       RUNNING          0.97       0.01     0.00       0.01     0.00 

filestore_01# gabconfig -a
GAB Port Memberships
Port a gen   187002 membership 01
Port b gen   187004 membership 01
Port f gen   18700e membership 01
Port h gen   187006 membership 01
Port u gen   18700c membership 01
Port v gen   187008 membership 01
Port w gen   18700a membership 01

Note: Please refer to the Symantec FileStore 5.7 MP1 Command-Line Administrator's Guide for information on the "support" 
user login and more information about the patch installation.


Etrack Incidents:  1154121, 1595549, 1944384, 2098473, 1977720, 2018980, 2052454, 2100531, 2141453, 2161015, 2173545, 2181696, 2186528, 2189965, 2197896, 2204320, 2204328, 2212190, 2218329, 2378396, 2403712, 2425092, 2427543, 2429200, 2443700, 2482153, 2488370, 2491577, 2492497, 2517372, 2518217, 2521562, 2602726, 2602769, 2602771, 2602773, 2605887

Errors/Problems Fixed: 
		1154121		When mounting from clients, use the cluster name.
		1595549		Storage> fencing replace command failed to replace a failed disk.
		1944384		User mapping functionality does not work with remote UNIX users.
		2098473		FileStore Management Console Summary page only displays one node in Disk Status after installing a new patch.
		1977720		AntiVirus > Quarantine files are not always updated in the FileStore GUI.
		2018980		When using the Antivirus> excludeextension add command, you cannot exclude file extensions from manual or scheduled scans.
		2052454		"Download Failed" message appears during installation.
		2100531		Symantec AntiVirus for FileStore unable to detect virus in files without extensions.
		2141453		Disabling FastResync removes the DRL description.
		2161015		Multi-domain controller CIFS shares and home directories are not accessible when the primary domain controller is down.
		2173545		Output shows files when no tier is configured.
		2181696		Output for Storage> tier query may not display all the files meeting the relocation policy.
		2186528		Bonded interfaces are offline.
		2189965		After splitting a CIFS share using Windows 7, you cannot access the share again.
		2197896		The Storage> fs online command fails.
		2204320		Auto-Protect (AP) scan takes up CPU time.
		2204328		When copying files to a CIFS shared file system, the virtual IP switched to another node causing the copied files to no longer be accessible.
		2212190		After removing a file from an NFS share, the blocks are not released immediately.
		2218329		When specifying multiple extensions for exclusion from scanning, some extensions are not excluded.
		2378396		Need intelligent NDMP/NBU backups for virtual machines.
		2403712		Need alert message when a scheduled scan job fails to run or completes successfully.
		2425092		After the last file system is destroyed, the deduplication global configuration information is lost.
		2427543		Debugging information is not collected when a deduplication-enabled file system is offline.
		2429200		Reply to Storage> tier query command does not appear.
		2443700		"Plugin application is not accessible" error message appears.
		2482153		Deduplication status show as "completed" even though the deduplication process exited because of space constraints.
		2488370		Symantec AntiVirus for FileStore scans (manual and scheduled) do not show an error message for offline file systems.
		2491577		Deduplication schedule cannot be set for every 10 hours or every 10 days.
		2492497		No system log updates when the master node is unavailable.
		2517372		Deduplication schedules set after a certain time of day do not take effect.
		2518217		SFS GUI database logs fill the file system.
		2521562		The Network> show command truncates device names longer than 9 characters.
		2602726		The root partition consumes 105GB but there are not any large files or directories.
		2602769		The Replication> config VIP bond1 command does not set the VIP address properly. The no-device-argument and bond0 commandoptions work fine.
		2602771		The Replication> job resync command fails with an rsync 12 or rsync 30 error message.	
		2602773		The netmask of a replication IP address is set as that of the first public Ethernet interface. It should be set from the assigned interface.
		2605887		Enabling the Storage> quota cifshomedir command for configuring quotas for CIFS home directories causes the system to hang for 30 minutes.


Please refer to the FileStore 5.7 MP1 Release Notes available on the SORT website at: https://sort.symantec.com/documents/doc_details/filestore/5.7%20MP1/Linux/ProductGuides/.
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