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 Basic information
Release type: Maintenance Pack
Release date: 2005-01-12
OS update support: None
Technote: None
Documentation: None
Popularity: 327 viewed    13 downloaded
Download size: 264.15 MB
Checksum: 3769163025
Note: This patch, with this download size and checksum, also applies to other products and will be listed more than once.

 Applies to one or more of the following products:
Storage Foundation HA 4.0 On RHEL3 i686

 Obsolete patches, incompatibilities, superseded patches, or other requirements:

 Fixes the following incidents:
140741, 147832, 228723, 254138, 256362, 256416, 256610, 256713

 Patch ID:

 Readme file  [Save As...]
VERITAS Storage Solutions and
VERITAS Cluster File Solutions 4.0
Maintenance Pack 1
January 2005
This document contains information about installing patch updates for
products in the VERITAS Storage Solutions and Cluster File Solutions 4.0
Maintenance Pack 1 release. Patch update packages are on the
accompanying 4.0 Maintenance Pack 1 software disc.
Storage Solutions Products
VERITAS Cluster Server
VERITAS Cluster Server Traffic Director
VERITAS Volume Replicator
VERITAS Storage Foundation?/Storage Foundation HA

Cluster File Solutions Products
VERITAS Storage Foundation Cluster File System/Storage
Foundation Cluster File System HA
VERITAS Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC
VERITAS 4.0 products must be installed before updating them with
Maintenance Pack 1 packages. If you have not yet installed a VERITAS
4.0 product, see the VERITAS Storage Solutions Getting Started Guide or
VERITAS Cluster File Solutions Getting Started Guide for the location of
release notes and installation instructions. These guides are available in
PDF format on the VERITAS 4.0 software discs.
If you already have the 4.0 release of any VERITAS Storage Solutions or
Cluster File Solutions product installed on your system, see “Installing
Updates” on page 5 for the location of Maintenance Pack 1 patch
installation instructions for the listed VERITAS products.
Documentation Issues
The Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC Installation and Configuration Guide
was updated for this release. The new version is located on the
Maintenance Pack 1 software disc at:

Package Installation Script
You install upgrade packages by running the installmp installation
script from the command line. The installmp script is at the top level
of the 4.0 Maintenance Pack 1 disc. The installmp script checks for any
installed VERITAS package and replaces it with the appropriate patch
RPM. There is no uninstallation script.
All VERITAS product processes are stopped after running installmp.
To ensure that processes restart correctly, a manual restart or system
reboot is required. If you want to configure a product, run the product
installation scripts from the /opt/VRTS/install directory using the
–configure option.
See the individual product release notes for information on how to
restart processes or how to uninstall Maintenance Pack 1 and return to
the 4.0 product level.

Mounting the 4.0 Maintenance Pack 1 Software Disc
To load the software from a CD-ROM drive:
1. Log in as superuser.
2. Insert a VERITAS software disc into a CD-ROM drive connected to
your system.
3. After inserting the disc, enter:
# mount -o ro /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom

Installing Updates
After mounting the software disc, change to the directory of the product
you want to upgrade and read the product release notes for installation
> To upgrade VERITAS Cluster Server:
# cd /mnt/cdrom/rhel3_i686/cluster_server \
Follow the instructions in the file vcs_notes.pdf.
> To upgrade VERITAS Cluster Server Traffic Director:
# cd /mnt/cdrom/rhel3_i686/traffic_director \
Follow the instructions in the file td_notes.pdf.
> To upgrade VERITAS Storage Foundation/Storage Foundation HA
(includes VERITAS File System, VERITAS Volume Manager, and the
VERITAS Enterprise Administrator.
# cd /mnt/cdrom/rhel3_i686/storage_foundation \
Follow the instructions in the file sf_notes.pdf.

> To upgrade VERITAS Storage Foundation Cluster File
System/Storage Foundation Cluster File System HA:
# cd /mnt/cdrom/rhel3_i686 \
/storage_foundation_cluster_file_system \
Follow the instructions in the file sfcfs_notes.pdf.
> To upgrade VERITAS Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC:
# cd /mnt/cdrom/rhel3_i686 \
/storage_foundation_for_oracle_rac \
Follow the instructions in the file sfrac_notes.pdf.

Support Tools
Diagnostic tools are available to assist in troubleshooting problems
associated with these products. These tools are available on disc or can
be downloaded from the VERITAS FTP site. See the README.VRTSspt
file in the support directory for details.

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