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 Basic information
Release type: Rolling Patch
Release date: 2014-08-07
OS update support: None
Technote: None
Documentation: None
Popularity: 367 viewed    30 downloaded
Download size: 207.99 MB
Checksum: 3039023992

 Applies to one or more of the following products:
Data Insight 3.0.1 On Linux
Data Insight 3.0.1 On Windows 32-bit
Data Insight 3.0.1 On Windows 64-bit

 Obsolete patches, incompatibilities, superseded patches, or other requirements:

 Fixes the following incidents:
3117719, 3158639, 3193000, 3193586, 3198148, 3207242, 3230939, 3234874, 3248083, 3249130, 3253971, 3254075, 3255162, 3273684

 Patch ID:

 Readme file  [Save As...]

OS: Windows/Linux

Etrack Incidents: 3214849, 3528809, 3372287, 3412720, 3526658, 3436715, 3461400,
3464998, 3472125, 3486053, 3520985, 3525520, 3341474, 3453814, 3506112, 3561047

Errors/Problems Fixed: 
(Navigate to end of this document for problems addressed in earlier Rolling
Patch versions)

3214849	- Inaccurate Permissions and Open shares reporting.

3528809	- Windows File Server fails to scan if hostname contains unsupported

3372287	- Index database need not do an integrity check for every version.

3412720	- Check if .Net 3.5 framework is installed on the Collector node 
monitoring SharePoint webapp.

3526658	- report.exe crashes for non existing path or a path with no activity.

3436715	- Cannot add SharePoint site collection with a space in name.

3461400	- In Case of EMC Celerra device, audit events cannot be monitored for
shares having characters "'" and "&" in the share name.

3464998	- Accessed By or Modified By metadata is not displayed on 
Workspace > Overview tab.

3472125	- Exculde rule does not work during specific pattern matching scenario.

3486053	- Site collections discovery fails in a SharePoint Web App if
one of the site collections is blocked.

3520985	- Files created with the same name after deletion are not shown on 
Data Insight workspace view.

3525520	- Unique Path permissions report shows path with non unique permissions.

3341474	- Discover SharePoint site collections with the correct URL in case of
claims based authenticated webapp urls.

3453814	- Support for NetApp ontap 8.2 - 7 mode version.

3506112	- For EMC Celerra, collector node should honor events where filer is
not able to sent client IP address in xml packets.

3561047	- Update Default SQLite settings in index database for better 

Install/Uninstall Instructions:

Apply this rolling patch on all Data Insight servers with version 3.0.1 with or
without earlier rolling patches applied.

NOTE: Please keep a backup of the Data Insight files in the installation
directory. This backup is required in case you want to manually roll back the

High-level Steps:

1. Apply the rolling patch on the Management Server first, followed by all
worker nodes.
2. Next, apply the patch to Windows File Server agents (if applicable).
3. Apply the patch to SharePoint servers. SharePoint Agent needs to be
reinstalled as part of Data Insight 3.0.1 RP9.

Patching Data Insight Management Server and worker nodes:

1. Log in to each server with administrative privileges.
2. Unzip the patch files to a temporary folder. In this folder, locate the
rolling patch installer for the appropriate OS architecture. The installer is
  Symantec_DataInsight_windows_301RP9_3_0_1_9000_x64.exe for 64 bit Windows OS,
  Symantec_DataInsight_windows_301RP9_3_0_1_9000_x86.exe for 32 bit Windows OS, 
  and for 64 bit Linux OS.
3. Launch the installer executable to install the rolling patch.

Patching Data Insight Windows File Server agents:

1. Unzip the patch files to a temporary folder. In this folder, locate the 
   rolling patch installer bundles for Windows File Server agents. The agent
   bundle is called for 64 bit OS
   and for 32 bit OS.
2. Log in to the Management Console with Server Administrator privilege and 
   upload the agent bundles to the appropriate collector worker nodes using the
   "Agent Uploader" option on the Settings tab.
3. Navigate to the Filer details page for each configured Windows File Server
   in the Settings tab, and click on "Upgrade Agent" button available on the 
   top of the page. This option is only visible if you have enabled the option
   to let Data Insight install/upgrade agent for this filer.
4. Alternately, to manually patch a Windows File Server agent, log onto the 
   Windows File Server machine with Administrative privileges, unzip the agent
   installer bundle in a temporary location, and launch the patch installer. 
   The patch installer is called
   Symantec_DataInsight_windows_winnas_301RP9_3_0_1_9000_x64.exe for 64 bit OS,
   and Symantec_DataInsight_windows_winnas_301RP9_3_0_1_9000_x86.exe for 32 bit

Patching Data Insight Microsoft SharePoint agent:

1. Log onto the SharePoint farm machine where the SharePoint agent has been 
   previously installed.
2. Use Symantec_DataInsight_sharepoint2010_301RP9_3_0_1_9000.exe for SharePoint
   farm version 2010, else use 
   Symantec_DataInsight_sharepoint_301RP9_3_0_1_9000.exe for SharePoint farm
   version 2007.
3. Uninstall the old agent using the "Add/Remove Programs" applet in Control
4. Unzip the patch files to a temporary folder. In this folder, locate the 
   SharePoint agent installer. The installer is called either 
   or Symantec_DataInsight_sharepoint_301RP9_3_0_1_9000.exe.
5. Launch the installer to install the new agent.

Additional Notes:

1. At this time, automated roll back of a patch is not supported. To roll back
   the patch manually:
   a. Remember to take a backup of the original files before you install the 
   rolling patch.
   b. To roll back the patch, stop all Data Insight services, overwrite the 
   patched files with the original files from backup, and restart services.
2. To confirm if a system has been patched, check the version of Data Insight
   using the "Add/Remove Programs" applet in the Control Panel.
3. Known Issues: 

3332967	- EmailUtils caches old value of smtp host due to usage of 
Session#getDefaultInstance. Changes to SMTP server host will not take effect.

Workaround is to restart DataInsightWeb service on the management server after
updating SMTP server host.
3367656 - In report configuration wizard, if we select root site collection
of the Webapp along with non root site collection, report will generate output
only for the root site collection. 

Workaround for this is to select Webapp to get report for all site collections.

2853423 - If a filer is disabled, scan for shares on this filer can still be
forked from scanning dashboard or from "scan all" button on 
Settings->Filers->Monitored Shares.

We recommend not to kick off scan from these locations for disabled shares.
3325573	- Size of folder keeps considering size of a immediate children
file which got deleted through scan resync.

Incidents fixed on 3.0.1RP8:  

3227528	- Entitlement Review report comes back with no data for a number of 
shares in case of NetApp local users.

3262328	- Data Insight does not display files recreated after delete operation.

3269419	- Data Insight GUI does not work in IE8 browsers that have Chrome Frame 
Add-On installed. Fails with error "Message: Object doesn't support this 
property or method".

3277708	- Scanning shows "Application error" if exclude rules caused some paths
to get excluded.

3297644	- In workspace view, permissions tab takes 15 minutes to load.

3319182	- Ability to ignore disabled shares and filers in report output.

3321057	- DiscoverSharesJob never completes in certain scenarios.

3321261	- Collector misses a few exclude rules.

3325463	- Don't push corrupted DB when report.exe has crashed on Indexer.

3327753	- Celerrad crashes if the average length of share names is more than 32 

3301097	- Enhancement for showing information about unresolved SIDs.

3309369	- Support for Local Administrators groups being expanded in the
permissions reports where all local groups have the same SID when presented by 
the Operating System.

3302067	- Reducing severity for error code 241 to warning.

3303597	- scanner.exe crashes for unsupported file system types.

3301634	- Merge for entitlement report is slow for insertion of custom 
attributes records in merged output database.

3298394	- Fetch local users from Netapp filers.

3297199	- Suppress audit events on Home.aspx files coming from SharePoint.

3281039	- Support for parallelism in report execution.

3286173	- Discovery of SharePoint webapp with 10000 site collection times out.

3338997	- Performance improvements for Indexer.

3331082	- Discover site collections fails for an extended AD-authenticated 
SharePoint webapp URL when the default webapp has claims based authentication.

3346845	- Mark disabled shares and filers in workspace with special icon.

3340974	- Display status of most recent Share/Site-Collection discovery for 
filers/web-applications to help disabling decommissioned devices in
Data Insight.

3021782	- Fix performance of CSV Path upload in report configuration wizard
for large number of paths.

3340195	- Incorrect membership shown for SharePoint local groups.

3331064 - Indexers not deleting older filehash & dirhash files.

3355475	- Indexer can crash if it needs to reopen the index while processing
scan files.

3357530 - Deleted folders are not being properly marked deleted after scan

3366462 - Allow specifying "sIDHistory" attribute as a custom attribute to be
fetched from Active Directory.	  
Incidents fixed on 3.0.1RP7:  

3193000	- The Exclude Scanning Rules for SharePoint shows the Patterns using
wrong "\"

3193586	- The SharePoint agent installation doesn't use the installDir 
specified in the response file.

3198148	- Incorrect membership information for domain users when those are 
directly added in Windows File Server/ SharePoint local groups.

3249130	- Upgrade Apache Tomcat webserver to 6.0.37.

3117719	- Data Insight Collector is not able to scan NFS shares where name 
contains characters not supported by Windows.

3230939	- SharePoint 2010 with 8000 sites - Timeout occurs after 200 seconds.

3158639	- Data Insight does not scan Custom Libraries on SharePoint server.

3255162	- Data Insight is not displaying cross domain user and group membership
if domain is located in a different Active Directory forest.

3253971	- idxwriter crash due to ftable_setattr() returning SQLITE_NOMEM.

3234874	- Fixed audit errors for files being renamed.

3248083 - get_path_permissions query returns user as group.

3254075 - Local System and Creator Owner should be considered as groups and not
as users.

3207242 - Make sure to not lose filesystem modification events to the compress

3273684 - Improve performance for Entitlement Summary report.
Incidents fixed on 3.0.1RP6:  

3136934 - Unable to see cross domain membership information for domain local 

3189318 - Setting up appropriate privileges for scanner credentials.

Incidents fixed on 3.0.1RP5:  
3072022 - Data Insight UI not displaying properly in IE 9 in Compatibility mode.

3076812 - Entitlement report does not generate correct output when custom 
attributes are selected.

3078446 - NEVER scan status not displayed in the UI.

3101281 - Cannot assign custodians to SharePoint paths using mxcustodian command.

3111401 - Fully exclude share-level permission when requested.

3114437 - Fix basic permission mask for effective permissions.

3115058 - ACEs within an ACL are being reordered while displaying in GUI. Order
gets changed while displaying it under Workspace-->Permissions.

3119461 - Properly handle FSACL for owner.

3121006 - Everyone is not part of authenticated users.

3065549 - Report for file type EXE on NetApp is EMPTY. The filter works fine 
for Windows agents.

3093587 - Column Header to change for User/Group & Path permissions report.

3093594 - Don't show ACES in console & reports if effective access mask for 
the ACE is zero.

3115329 - Stats library to support a timeout for inserting into lstats.dll.

3120448 - Path column under Scan errors page should show complete path on which
scan is failing.

3123611 - Permission report has memory leak.

3069879 - Remove certain files from $data/updates folder after config is 

3105649 - Changes needed to the pause scanner default setting to display two 
integers behind the colon in the time value.

3017850 - Error generating audit log data for extracts.

3117384 - When we don't include share level permissions for effective 
permissions view, advanced permissions map should not show share level trustees
and share level path.

3118904 - Reduce severity level to warning for error:UNKNOWN_LINK(257).

3122301 - Capture all credential requirements for scanning.

3125490 - Workspace permissions verification for winnas/nfs/SharePoint.

3130301 - Unable to add LDAP and NIS users as custodians using mxcustodian

3067090 - Removed custom attributes from Data Insight are still there. Reports
& report config still slow.

3107241 - Custom NetApp filer scan schedule not applying with proper saved time
and display in console.

3145930 - Cannot manage Windows filer agent automatically from Data Insight
console if agent was installed manually.

3145847 - Completed successful scans with non-zero return code showing as
failed in Data Insight console.

3149276 - Queryd consuming memory and CPU until host out of memory.

3157936 - Dashboard Summary report failing.

2981486 - Path Permission/User Permission report: Saved changes do not persist.

3120534 - Error fetching health details from filer/node health DB.

Incidents fixed on 3.0.1RP4:  

2989545 - Error 209 when importing custom user attributes using csv file where 
file format is UTF8.

3006155 - It appears the user selection filter setting is not saved when report
is saved.

3009783 - mergedb.exe is causing 90% CPU usage for long periods.

3013462 - Users cannot open output of their created reports in certain 

3013712 - Wrap all SharePoint web service API calls to deliver exception stack
traces to the clients.

3015445 - Fix spurious log message in fpolicyd.log which confuses user about
filer connectivity.

3019830 - Path Permission report shows incorrect permissions.

3020696 - After adding several hundred Windows agents, the event processor job
appears to be hung and events don't appear to be processing correctly. Inbox 
full of node events are not getting processed.
3027426 - Invalid user gets set in master report run thread.

3021954 - DataInsightConfig seems to slow down the UI with a large number of 
servers & shares.

3033697 - SyncScansJob throws exceptions for large deployments.

3049995 - Give the logon user of DataInsightFpolicy permissions to write to
the data/collector folder.

3043730 - Enhance testuser utility to support more options.

3051105 - SharePoint client logs do not roll over.

3053172 - netapp_util.exe crashes if no user is specified.

3054269 - Several CIFS files from Windows server agents are not getting consumed
and are dropped in the indexer\err folder.
Incidents fixed on 3.0.1RP3

3002878 - configdb process crashes during log rollover.

Incidents fixed on 3.0.1RP2: 

2924502 - Data Inventory report is crashing with invalid pointer read in owner

2934630 - Issues while deleting Windows File Server with the option of 
"uninstall agent".

2937368 - Download Logs throws OutOfMemory error for large data set.

2937805 - Enable/Disable site collection auditing on SharePoint server when 
enabling/disabling site collection in Data Insight.

2937960 - Use custom chunk size for sqlite3 via reports(sensitive_summary.dll).

2941639 - While merging report outputs, move intermediate output db's rather
than copy and delete the intermediate ones after merge is complete.
2941806 - Dashboard: Save filter table does not save all filtered data.

2944336 - localuser.exe not picking up the local groups from Netapp filer.

2944616 - Implement a central place in LogServlet to change log level on any 
node, for any service.

2944814 - Dashboard does not consider absence of share level permission while
evaluating open shares.

2945765 - Download logs should try and capture security policies for a 
collector/Windows File node.

2946060 - ConfigUtils.isWindows fails on Turkish locale.

2952484 - Automatically add DFS mapping for Windows File Server cluster after
share discovery.

2952809 - queryd should truncate the sharelist file so that old entries are

2955756 - Automatically set security options for FPolicy in registry.

2957316 - Workspace--->Users, BU attribute query not working for NOT EQUAL

2957680 - Optimize disk space and speed for intermediate files for reports by
transferring those with in memory compression.
2968233 - Fixed Notify custodian shows wrong info.

2972341 - Large file download via File Transfer Job causes exception in 

2976643 - Time taken for directory scan shown on Uber dashboard appears to be 

2982141 - HA setting : 'Number of files in err folders' is not working.

2982453 - For Exclude Rule, exclude access for a particular user on a 
particular path doesn't work. It excludes access for all the users on that path.
2875273 - Error generating audit log data for extracts. Added retry logic if 
sqlite db is locked. This is for a small db which holds the generation number.
Parallel collector processes run by DataInsight commd service may encounter a 
db locked and all input files are moved to collector/err folder.
2953188 - Getting warning show run out of disk space after new install.

2959957 - Indexer collector is reporting errors.

2963072 - When installing multiple Windows File Server agents with installcli, 
configdb uses 100% of CPU.

2973172 - fpolicy crashes since upgrade to DI 3.0.1: SEVERE: #{10} 
[ReportsDBUpgrade.upgradeReportsDB] HSQL DB path is invalid.
2982513 - Add a node property for fpolicyd called fpolicyd.rulefilter to 
exclude rules at FPolicy level Please refer to point 3 in addtional notes
/ Impact section below for more details.
2990530 - ConfigServlet does not update cache after config updates. Collector
node does not update its list of associated WinNas nodes and forwards update 
config requests to MS.
Incidents fixed on 3.0.1 RP1

2656072 - User selection panel in the report creation wizard is enhanced to
allow selection of all filtered users.

2664129 - Issue with scan resync in case a file is deleted when the 
DataInsightFpolicy service is stopped.

2679017 - The path for the report files for a specific report run is now shown\
in the View Report Progress window. For example, if the report files for report
run ID 5 are located in C:\DataInsight\data\console\reports\reportruns\5,
this path is displayed in the View Report Progress window.

2683790 - Issue with purging of segments using indexcli.exe.

2766065 - Typographic errors in log files in case of error V-378-1301-1.

2807744 - Disk space issues on the Collector node as a result of a large number
of policy.db files.

2809769 - Job that sends alert emails quits if it encounters an invalid email 

2818315 - Statistics for utilization of resources, such as CPU and memory, are 
now available for Linux Indexer nodes.

2829567 - Share selection on the Audit Logs page is now cached and is used when
a user revisits the page.

2833689 - Filehash and dirhash files keep getting generated if query and index
update occur simultaneously to the same index.

2848554 - The Define Open Share Policy popup is now replaced with the Edit Open
Share Policy tab for better usability.

2848602 - Validations added for the values entered on the Edit Open Share 
Policy tab.

2854788 - Meaningful scan error messages are now printed for Windows System
error codes up to 2000 except error codes between 200 and 300.

2854796 - The user interface now shows meaningful scan error messages for final
scan error code as well as for intermediate paths.

2859628 - At times, server state for a Data Insight node is shown as Unknown 
despite all services running properly and nodes communicating properly with the
Management Server.

2860299 - Memory consumption is high during dashboard report creation.

2865459 - Issues with filter functionality on the Shares/Site Collections page 
under Dashboard tab.

2865844 - "Fpolicy connected" event now resets the status of "fpolicy_safeguard"
signal in the filer health database.

2869114 - If a share is disabled then the audit events for the last added share
is not getting captured.

2869555 - In user-centric views, the Select Resource popup now allows selection
of the "Devices with Permissions" option, which results in displaying only 
those shares on which user has access permissions.

2881044 - If the \scanner\err folder contains files for a failed scan of shares
on a filer, the filer health is now shown as "At Risk".

2881064 - Issue with indexing voldb files in case of existence of a zero byte
voldb file in the \inbox folder.

2898161 - On a multi-processor Data Insight node, if multiple idxwriter.exe 
processes are running, the next batch does not start until the last idxwriter.exe
process in the first batch ends.

2898975 - DLPSensitiveFilesJob is failing for a report with 5.5M incidents.
NOTE: To get around this problem, use jdbc to directly query oracle database
instead of using Web APIs. For details, refer to the section "dlp_db.conf File
Content" in this document.

2898991 - Last Known Good State is shown as "never scanned" in case of 
successful FULL scan followed by failed INCREMENTAL scans, followed by failed 
full scan, followed by successful INCREMENTAL scan.

2899001 - FPolicyd.exe now grants WRITE permission to the logon user for the
DataInsightFpolicy service on the \data\stats folder.

2898995 - NullPointerException in populating dashboard stats for a share.

2899029 - Fixed an issue where if a path is opened by copy-pasting UNC into 
the GOTO bar, the synchronization of navigation pane works only partially.

2899070 - Issue with computing health status of DLP Sensitive files pull.

2899083 - Data Insight node is shown as "At Risk" if there.s a pre-upgrade 
event for err files exceeding threshold.

2899085 - The actions available from Filers, SharePoint Web Applications, and
Data Insight Servers list pages are now also available from the respective 
details pages.

2900255 - DlpSensitiveFilesJob performance improvement.

2906109 - An additional report, Data Inventory Report, is now available under
the Ownership Reports category. This report lists an inventory of 
files/documents with attributes such as ownership, sensitivity, age and 

2913843 - Scan Errors popup shows incorrect SharePoint path.

2914640 - File counts shown on dashboard don't match those shown in Data
Inventory Report. Incorrect file count shown on dashboard.

2919668 - Access time and creation time are set incorrectly for root folder 
in index database.

2919730 - When full scan exits with error code 32768, which indicates that 
scanning of some paths failed, the last known good state is updated with the 
time of full scan. This behavior can be changed by using the global property 
update_last_known_good_state_for_partial_scans to false by using the configdb 

2922577 - Fixed the custom attribute display issue in edit report view.

2922899 - DataInsightWinnas service now excludes all activity from the user 
used for scanning local shares.

2925848 - Scan errors do not get processed when the Collector for a Windows 
File Server is also the indexer for the server.

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