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 Applies to one or more of the following products:
Storage Foundation 5.0 On HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)
Storage Foundation Cluster File System 5.0 On HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)
Storage Foundation for Oracle 5.0 On HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)
Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC 5.0 On HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)
Storage Foundation HA 5.0 On HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)
Volume Manager 5.0 On HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)
Volume Replicator 5.0 On HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)

 Obsolete patches, incompatibilities, superseded patches, or other requirements:

This patch supersedes the following patches: Release date
vm-hpux1131-5.0MP1P6 (obsolete) 2013-05-20
vm-hpux1131-5.0MP1P5 (obsolete) 2011-12-06
vm-hpux1131-5.0MP1P4 (obsolete) 2011-09-05
vm-hpux1131-5.0MP1P3 (obsolete) 2011-05-23
vm-hpux1131-5.0MP1P2 (obsolete) 2011-01-27
vm-hpux1131-5.0MP1P1 (obsolete) 2010-09-16

This patch requires: Release date
sfha-hpux1131-5.0MP1 2010-07-14

 Fixes the following incidents:
1833065, 1969203, 1984967, 2031936, 2040176, 2043690, 2089511, 2111248, 2122249, 2127488, 2138783, 2139144, 2151773, 2204439, 2209174, 2222100, 2234363, 2236562, 2248995, 2260101, 2262087, 2262107, 2262115, 2262120, 2262150, 2262346, 2262378, 2262388, 2262407, 2262424, 2262429, 2262432, 2262446, 2262450, 2262464, 2262481, 2262484, 2262500, 2266325, 2266333, 2266338, 2266343, 2266345, 2266347, 2266351, 2272969, 2274270, 2280641, 2324000, 2325116, 2328342, 2353416, 2353423, 2354051, 2360721, 2387504, 2392763, 2407609, 2435832, 2437813, 2484676, 2492723, 2518367, 2578067, 2580126, 2588719, 2588723, 2588906, 2588911, 2588919, 2588920, 2588945, 2588949, 2616909, 2624566, 2867065, 2933478, 3059056, 3059062, 3059067, 3059071, 3059074, 3059077, 3059086, 3059136, 3068211, 3068265, 3090369, 3098857, 3121041, 3129391, 3151249, 3478224, 3541434, 3541437, 3541439, 3587267

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                          * * * READ ME * * *
               * * * Veritas Volume Manager 5.0 MP1 * * *
                         * * * P-patch 7 * * *
                         Patch Date: 2014-10-07

This document provides the following information:


Veritas Volume Manager 5.0 MP1 P-patch 7

HP-UX 11i v3 (11.31)


   * Veritas Storage Foundation 5.0
   * Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System 5.0
   * Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle 5.0
   * Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC 5.0
   * Veritas Storage Foundation HA 5.0
   * Veritas Volume Manager 5.0
   * Veritas Volume Replicator 5.0

Patch ID: PHCO_44144, PHKL_44143
* 3129391 (3130361) Prevent disk initialization of size greater than 1TB for disks with the CDS 
* 3478224 (3325371) Panic occurs in the vol_multistepsio_read_source() function when snapshots are 
* 3541434 (2189812) When the 'vxdisk updateudid' command is executed on a disk which is in 
the 'online invalid' state, the vxconfigd(1M) daemon dumps core.
* 3541437 (3263105) The disk evacuation operation (vxevac()) fails for a volume with Data Change 
Object (DCO).
* 3541439 (3482001) The 'vxddladm addforeign' command renders the system unbootable, after the 
reboot, for a few cases.
* 3587267 (1052684) The vxconfigd(1M) dumps core during the during the device discovery in the 
memset() function.
Patch ID: PHCO_43450, PHKL_43451, PHCO_43519
* 2616909 (1651278) iSCSI disks are invisible after reboot the machine
* 2867065 (1074855) Panic in dmp_signal_event_daemon()
* 2933478 (2680482) startup scripts use 'quit' instead of 'exit', causing empty directories in /tmp
* 3059056 (2413763) Uninitialized memory read results in a vxconfigd coredump
* 3059062 (1206369) The recoveryoption of enclosure when set to nothrottle, is not persistent after reboot.
* 3059067 (1820179) "vxdctl debug <debuglevel>" command dumps core if vxconfigd log
file was modified when vxconfigd starts with "logfile=<file-name>" option.
* 3059071 (2647975) Serial Split Brain (SSB) condition caused Cluster Volume Manager(CVM) Master Takeover to fail.
* 3059074 (2040150) Loss of SCSI-3 PGR Keys during cluster reconfiguration if there are 32 or more keys per LUN.
* 3059077 (2792748) Node join fails because of closing of wrong file descriptor
* 3059086 (1921503) vxvmconvert(1M) command failed during conversion operation with vxlvmencap(1M) command.
* 3059136 (2979824) vxdiskadm bug results in exclusion of unintended paths
* 3068211 (2801962) Growing a volume takes significantly large time when the volume has version 20 
DCO attached to it.
* 3068265 (2994677) Avoid panic in dmp_decode_add_new_path() by handling the NULL check.
* 3090369 (1185123) User specified recovery option for enclosures gets reset to the default value after exclusion and inclusion of enclosures
* 3098857 (1674493) Fix VxVM support for iSCSI devices on HPUX 11.31.
* 3121041 (2310284) For VxVM versions prior to 5.1SP1, do not allow CDS disk initialization for LUN size > 1TB using vxdisksetup(1M) command.

This patch fixes the following Symantec incidents:

Patch ID: PHCO_44144, PHKL_44143

* 3129391 (Tracking ID: 3130361)

Disks greater than 1 TB can be initialized with the Cross Platform Data 
(CDS) format.

CDS formatted disks use Sun Microsystems Label (SMI) for partitioning. SMI 
partition table is capable of storing partition size of 1 TB only. 
releases did not prevent initialization of disks greater than 1 TB with the 

The code is modified so that VxVM can explicitly prevent initialization of 
disks greater than 1 TB with the CDS format. Other VxVM utilities 
like vxvmconvert, vxcdsconvert, and DLE (vxdisk resize) either 
fail the operation, if the environment involves greater than 1 TB disks, or 
the HPDISK format wherever possible.

* 3478224 (Tracking ID: 3325371)

Panic occurs in the vol_multistepsio_read_source() function when VxVMs 
FastResync feature is used. The stack trace observed is as following:

When a volume is resized, Data Change Object (DCO) also needs to be resized. 
However, the old accumulator contents are not copied into the new accumulator. 
Thereby, the respective regions are marked as invalid. Subsequent I/O on these 
regions triggers the panic.

The code is modified to appropriately copy the accumulator contents during the 
resize operation.
Along with this, any previously corrupted DCO objects need to be recreated to
avoid any future panics. Please follow steps from following tech-note to
recreate DCO: 

* 3541434 (Tracking ID: 2189812)

When the 'vxdisk updateudid' command is executed on a disk which is in 
the 'online invalid' state, the vxconfigd(1M) daemon dumps core with the 
following stack trace:

When udid is updated, the null check is not done for an internal data 
structure. As a result, the vxconfigd(1M) daemon dumps core.

The code is modified to add null checks for the internal data structure.

* 3541437 (Tracking ID: 3263105)

The disk evacuation operation (vxevac()) fails for a volume with Data Change 
Object (DCO).

During the vxevac() operation, all sub-disks of a volume that reside on the 
specified source disk are moved to the destination disk. As part of the disk 
evacuation of the volume, its corresponding Data Change Log volume's (DCL's) 
sub-disks are also moved.
The vxevac() operation re-tries to move the sub-disks of the DCL volume. This 
fails because the sub-disks are already moved.

The code is modified to exclude the DCL volumes, for which the disk evacuation 
is already completed as a part of the parent-volume-disk evacuation.

* 3541439 (Tracking ID: 3482001)

The 'vxddladm addforeign' command renders the system unbootable, after the 
reboot, for a few cases.

As part of the execution of the 'vxddladm addforeign' command, VxVM incorrectly 
identifies the specified disk as the root disk. As a result, it replaces all 
the entries pertaining to the 'root disk', with the entries of the specified 
disk, thus rendering the system unbootable.

The code is modified to detect the root disk appropriately when it is 
specified, as a part of the 'vxddladm addforeign' command.

* 3587267 (Tracking ID: 1052684)

During the device discovery in the memset() function, the vxconfigd(1M) daemon 
dumps core with the following stack trace:

This issue is observed in the device discovery when the disk array from some 
vendor is excluded from the VxVM control such that the length of the vendor ID 
or the product ID strings exceeds 8 characters or 16 characters respectively. 
The disk array can be excluded from the VxVM control using vxddladm(1M) command.
Few internal data structures are maintained in the code to store the vendor and 
the product ID strings and their maximum limits. However, if some disk array is 
excluded from the VxVM control, such that the vendor ID length exceeds 8 
characters or the product ID length exceeds 16 characters, then the vendor and 
the product ID strings do not get NULL terminated during the initialization. As 
a result, the memset() function accesses the incorrect index of the destination 
buffer.This results in the core dump.

The code is modified to correctly initialize the vendor ID and the product ID 
related to the internal data structures.

Patch ID: PHCO_43450, PHKL_43451, PHCO_43519

* 2616909 (Tracking ID: 1651278)

iSCSI devices are not discovered across reboots automatically. Because of this,
VxVM disk groups and volumes on iSCSI devices are not visible after reboot.

The script which discovers iSCSI devices at boot time has scripting errors.
Because of this, iSCSI devices are not discoverd. Thus vxvm disk groups and
volumes corresponding to iSCSI devices are also not visible after reboot.

Corrected the script errors to discover iSCSI devices at boot time. With the
fix, iSCSI devices are discovered. And also VxVM disk groups and volumes are
visible across reboots.

* 2867065 (Tracking ID: 1074855)

During the initial-device discovery phase or when there is a change in the
device configuration, the Dynamic Multi Pathing(DMP) driver signals the
event-source daemon vxesd(1M), which causes the system to panic  with the
following stack trace:


Dynamic Multi Pathing driver used to access the stale process address
corresponding to the already terminated Event Source Daemon. This results in a

The code is modified to synchronize the DMP driver and the event-source daemon.

* 2933478 (Tracking ID: 2680482)

There are many random directories not cleaned up in /tmp/, like 
vx.$RANDOM.$RANDOM.$RANDOM.$$ on system startup.

In general the startup scripts should call quit(), in which it call do the 
cleanup when errors detected. The scripts were calling exit() directly instead 
of quit() leaving some random-created directories uncleaned.

These script should be restored to call quit() instead of exit() directly.

* 3059056 (Tracking ID: 2413763)

vxconfigd, the VxVM daemon dumps core with the following stack:


Dynamic Multi Pathing node buffer declared in the Device Discovery Layer was not 
initialized. Since  the node buffer is local to the function, an explicit 
initialization is required before copying another buffer into it.

The node buffer is appropriately initialized using memset() to address the 

* 3059062 (Tracking ID: 1206369)

The recoveryoption of enclosure when set to nothrottle, is not persistent after 

When the CLI 'vxdmpadm setattr' was used to set recovery option as nothrottle, 
the persistent information was not updated correctly.
After a reboot the nothrottle recoveryoption was not being considered, hence 
user set value was not effective and the value changed back to default.

Corrected vxdmp code to update nothrottle recovery option and to read it back at 
boot time.

* 3059067 (Tracking ID: 1820179)

"vxdctl debug <debuglevel>" will dump core with the following stack.

vxconfigd will be using a static memory for storing the logfile
information when it was started with logfile=<file-name>. This log file can be
changed with vxdctl command. vxdctl debug uses dynamically allocated memory for
storing the path information. When we are changing the default debug-level using
vxdctl, we try to delete the allocated memory for path information assuming that
it got created by "vxdctl debug" causing core dump.

Always allocate dynamic memory for storing the path information.

* 3059071 (Tracking ID: 2647975)

Serial Split Brain (SSB) condition caused Cluster Volume Manager(CVM) Master
Takeover to fail. The below vxconfigd debug output was noticed when the issue
was noticed:

VxVM vxconfigd NOTICE V-5-1-7899 CVM_VOLD_CHANGE command received
V-5-1-0 Preempting CM NID 1
VxVM vxconfigd NOTICE V-5-1-9576 Split Brain. da id is 0.5, while dm id is 0.4 
dm cvmdgA-01
VxVM vxconfigd WARNING V-5-1-8060 master: could not delete shared disk groups
VxVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-7934 Disk group cvmdgA: Disabled by errors 
VxVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-7934 Disk group cvmdgB: Disabled by errors 
VxVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-11467 kernel_fail_join() :           Reconfiguration
interrupted: Reason is transition to role failed (12, 1)
VxVM vxconfigd NOTICE V-5-1-7901 CVM_VOLD_STOP command received

When Serial Split Brain (SSB) condition is detected by the new CVM master, on
Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM)  versions 5.0 and 5.1, the default CVM behaviour
will cause the new CVM master to leave the cluster and causes cluster-wide downtime.

Necessary code changes have been done to ensure that when SSB is detected in a
diskgroup, CVM will only disable that particular diskgroup and keep the other
diskgroups imported during the CVM Master Takeover, the new CVM master will not
leave the cluster with the fix applied.

* 3059074 (Tracking ID: 2040150)

IO error messages for dmpnode observed in events logs (with reservation 
conflict error). Disk Marked Failing. We hit this issue when total number of PGR 
keys goes 32 or more by count.

Whenever there is 32 or more keys, we are not able to get all keys because 
only 7th byte of response buffer is used to get total bytes where keys are 
stored. In case of N keys, DMP can only read the first N % 32 (where % is 
mathematical modulo) keys of them.

As per scsi-3 standard the 4th to 7th byte of response buffer of 
PGR_READ_KEYS command gives total bytes where keys are stored. Calculating 
buflen to follow using 4th to 7th byte of response buffer.

* 3059077 (Tracking ID: 2792748)

In an HPUX cluster environment, the slave join fails with the 
following error message in syslog:

VxVM vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1-5784 cluster_establish:kernel interrupted vold on 
overlapping reconfig.

During the join, the slave node performs disk group import. 
As part of the import, the file descriptor pertaining to "Port u" is closed 
because of a wrong assignment of the return value of open(). Hence, the 
subsequent write to the same port was returning EBADF.

Code changes are done to avoid closing the wrong file 

* 3059086 (Tracking ID: 1921503)

The vxvmconvert(1M) command fails with the following error message:
VxVM vxprtvtoc INFO V-5-2-865 usage : 
vxprtvtoc -f <filename> <device>
The conversion operation failed with the following error:
VxVM vxlvmencap ERROR V-5-2-310 The <c#t#d#> disk does not appear to be prepared
for this system.

The problem occurs on an Active Passive (AP) storage array that has multiple
primary paths to the disks. The incorrect logic to select the primary enabled path
that is active returns a NULL value, and this causes the error.

Modified the code to correctly select the primary enabled path that is active.

* 3059136 (Tracking ID: 2979824)

While excluding the controller using vxdiskadm utility, unintended paths are
getting excluded.

The issue occurs due to a logical error in the script while getting
the hardware path of the controller to be excluded.In some cases, vxdiskadm
takes the wrong hardware path for the controller we are excluding, and
hence excludes unintended paths.

Necessary changes have been made to the script so that vxdiskadm now takes the
hardware path of the controller only, so that unintended paths do not get excluded.

* 3068211 (Tracking ID: 2801962)

Operations that lead to growing of volume, including 'vxresize', 'vxassist 
growby/growto' take significantly larger time if the volume has version 20 
DCO(Data Change Object) attached to it in comparison to volume which doesn't 
have DCO attached.

When a volume with a DCO is grown, it needs to copy the existing map in DCO and 
update the map to track the grown regions.  The algorithm was such that for 
each region in the map it would search for the page that contains that region 
so as to update the map. Number of regions and number of pages containing them 
are proportional to volume size. So, the search complexity is amplified and 
observed primarily when the volume size is of the order of terabytes. In the 
reported instance, it took more than 12 minutes to grow a 2.7TB volume by 50G.

Code has been enhanced to find the regions that are contained within a page and 
then avoid looking-up the page for all those regions.

* 3068265 (Tracking ID: 2994677)

You may see following stack trace when you run 'vxdisk scandisks' or 'vxdctl enable'.
panic_save_regs_switchstack+0x110 ()
panic+0x410 ()
bad_kern_reference+0xa0 ()
$cold_pfault+0x530 ()
vm_hndlr+0x12f0 ()
bubbleup+0x880 ()
dmp_decode_add_new_path+0x430 ()
dmp_decipher_instructions+0x490 ()
dmp_process_instruction_buffer+0x340 ()
dmp_reconfigure_db+0xc0 ()
gendmpioctl+0x920 ()
dmpioctl+0x100 ()
spec_ioctl+0xf0 ()
vno_ioctl+0x350 ()
ioctl+0x410 ()
syscall+0x5b0 ()

In the code we did not check for the NULL value of a structure which causes panic.

Necessary changes have been made to check for the valid value of structure so that
panic would not happen.

* 3090369 (Tracking ID: 1185123)

User specified recovery option for enclosures gets reset to the default value
after exclusion and inclusion of enclosures.

Whenever user changes any attribute of a component based on
enclosure/arrayname/arraytype, VxVM module, DMP (Dynamic Multi Pathing) keeps a
record of this operation. Since the modification for recovery policies attribute
is not recorded properly for all cases, it lead to the user specified attribute
value not being persistent.

Code changes have been made to record the change properly so that recovery
policies attribute is persistent after exclusion and inclusion of array.

* 3098857 (Tracking ID: 1674493)

On HPUX 11.31 systems, iSCSI devices may not be visible in VxVM after system
startup. Hence, VxVM will not import diskgroups and start volumes, on iSCSI devices.

VxVM was using the HPUX 11.23 style old device tree and device naming, for
discovering iSCSI devices.
Hence, VxVM was unable to properly discover iSCSI devices on HPUX 11.31, causing
iSCSI based diskgroups and volumes to be unavailable after system reboot.

Code changes are made to /sbin/vxvm-iscsi startup script to use the HPUX 11.31
style new device tree and device naming.
This enables VxVM to correctly discover iSCSI devices automatically during system
startup, and import iSCSI based diskgroups and start volumes.
Note - This also needs HP OE with the fix for the correct path of /sbin/vxvm-iscsi
script inside HP's script /sbin/init.d/iscsi. 
Alternatively, a manual

* 3121041 (Tracking ID: 2310284)

Prior to VxVM version 5.1SP1, initialization of greater than 1TB CDS disk can lead
to data corruption.

Prior to VxVM version 5.1SP1, volume manager allows CDS disk initialization of LUN
size > 1TB on all platforms except Solaris and there is a possibility that greater
than 1TB CDS disk can lead to data corruption and that could be due to writing
backup labels and label ids in data region or in public region.
VxVM shouldn't allow CDS disk initialization for LUN size > 1TB to support the CDS
compatibility across platform.

The vxdisksetup(1M) command is restricted not to perform > 1TB CDS disk
initialization. The changes in vxdisk(1M) and vxresize(1M) would follow in
subsequent patch.

1.  These Patches  can be installed only on a system with 5.0 11.31 Base-VxVM installed.
2.  PHCO_43519 and PHCO_43450 should be installed as a set to make the VM Provider work correctly.
3.  The Patch PHCO_43519 can be installed only on a system with 5.0 11.31 VRTSvmpro installed.
4.  Remove all  the UnOfficial patches before installing patch.
5.    Install these patches using:

     $ swinstall -x autoreboot=true -s <patch location>   PHCO_44144 PHKL_44143 PHCO_43519
6.Please do swverify after installing the patches in order to make sure that the patches are installed correctly using:

     $ swverify PHCO_44144 PHKL_44143 PHCO_43519

Uninstall the patches using:

     $ swremove -x autoreboot=true PHCO_44144 PHKL_44143 PHCO_43519


Incidents fixed in MP1P5:
Product  Incident_number  Abstract
VMPRO   2624566           create a vmprovider patch for hxrt 5.0 11.31 MP1P5
VMPRO   2392763           vxpal core dump

VxVM    1833065 (1487472) Dmpcert:Dmpcert run got a crash while running tc /dmpcert/scripts/local/common/00_basetest.tc
VxVM    2031936 (2052659) System panic in gendmpiodone
VxVM    2138783 (1822681) memory leak in vxio/voldrl_cleansio_start
VxVM    2353423 (2334534) In CVM environment, vxconfigd level join is hung when Master returns error "VE_NO_JOINERS" to a joining node and cluster nidmap is changed in new reconfiguration
VxVM    2518367 (2052459) CFS filesystme was disabled on slave node due to registration failure on one of the paths
VxVM    2578067 (2423608) panic in vol_dev_strategy()following FC problems
VxVM    2580126 (2521083) Panic 'Fault when executing in kernel mode' on c8+mpath
VxVM    2588719 (2067319) MaxFli:vxconfgid hung on master when join two slaves are trying to join the cluster
VxVM    2588723 (530741)  CVM: vxconfigd assert in commit()
VxVM    2588906 (1818780) Oakmont Linux consume many memories during dmp test.
VxVM    2588911 (2165141) vxvm resets b_clock_ticks to zero if I/O hints are passed by VxFS
VxVM    2588919 (1381772) Slow performance of snapshot backups after applying ET1269854.
VxVM    2588920 (1268784) Memory Leaks in VxVM plugin of VxMS
VxVM    2588945 (2441937) vxconfigrestore precommit fails with awk errors
VxVM    2588949 (1079281) vxconfigrestore hits awk limitation in cbr_res_main()

Incidents fixed in MP1P4:
Product  Incident_number  Abstract
VxVM    2234363 (1215169) vxesd is taking lot of memory with recent changes
VxVM    2236562 (990338)  FMR Refreshing a snapshot should keep the same name for the snap object
VxVM    2280641 (2280624) Need to set site consistent only on mirrored-volumes.
VxVM    2324000 (2323925) If rootdisk is encapsulated and if install-db is present, clear warning should be displayed on system boot.
VxVM    2325116 (1545835) vxconfigd core dump during system boot after VxVM4.1RP4 applied.
VxVM    2353416 (2349352) During LUN provisioning in single path IO mode environment a data corruption is observed
VxVM    2354051 (2354046) man page for dgcfgrestore is incorrect.
VxVM    2360721 (2359814) vxconfigbackup doesn't handle errors well
VxVM    2387504 (2386120) Enhancement request to add diagnostic logging to help triage a CVM master takeover failure situation
VxVM    2407609 (1431795) HP:11.31: CVM: DCO tc panics with ted_assert _vol_spinlock:1a
VxVM    2435832 (2431470) vxpfto uses DM name when calling vxdisk, but vxdisk will match DA name first and thus cause corruption
VxVM    2437813 (2026773) DMP: vxconfigd hang after array side port disable followed by vxdisk scandisks
VxVM    2484676 (2481938) vxconfigbackup throwing an error when DG contains a sectioned disk
VxVM    2492723 (2492451) VxVM 11.31/5.0: vxvm-startup2 launches vxesd without checking install-db.

Incidents fixed in MP1P3:
Product  Incident_number  Abstract
VxVM    1969203 (914941)  Manpage for vxautoconvert and updation of manpage for vxvmconvert
VxVM    1984967 (1033534) Enhancements for online and offline disk opertions
VxVM    2043690 (339187)  CVM activation tag in vxprint -m output breaks vxprint
VxVM    2122249 (1364670) : SGW/QA2 : vxconfigd dumped core while running "vxdisk list"
VxVM    2127488 (2088426) : Deporting diskgroups takes very long time
VxVM    2139144 (1468885) The vxbrk_rootmir script does not complete and is hanging after invoking vxprivutil
VxVM    2151773 (1840673) After adding new luns one of the nodes in 3 node CFS cluster hangs
VxVM    2209174 (2183984) System panic in dmp_update_stats() routine
VxVM    2222100 (839077)  Customer unable to grow 2.6Tb volume/file system with vxresize due to statvfs() returning EOVERFLOW
VxVM    2248995 (1715204) vxsnap operations leads to orphan snap obj in case of any failure occurs during operation, orphan snap object can't be removed.
VxVM    2260101 (1043977) Need to remove dmp_retry_timeout tunable from DMP
VxVM    2262087 (1064826) scripts/admin/cbr/backupdaemon.tc gives error "Could not do stat on path /devsdw"
VxVM    2262107 (1458481) volfmr_copymaps_instant panic on node of cluster during shared and private dg creations
VxVM    2262115 (1269468) Enclosure removed/presented back multiple times, whilst vxconfigd is restarted, core dumps
VxVM    2262120 (1227106) HxRT SFOR 5.0mp3 PowerPath/DMX : PGR key issues - Uncertain PGR key number and vold_pgr_unregister failed errors
VxVM    2262150 (1292633) PFTO value is set for only one paths though the DMP node has multiple paths.
VxVM    2262346 (1421078) Manpage for vxdg(1M) needs to cover last shared dg disk detach scenario better
VxVM    2262378 (1593032) vxfenconfig ERROR V-11- 2-1064 DMP Idle Lun Monitoring DeRegistration FAILED
VxVM    2262388 (1203661) vxclustadm man page needs mcsg instead of hpsg, redundant ifdefs
VxVM    2262407 (1471263) machine has panicked when added the disk from dg as a foreign device using "vxdmpadm addforeign".
VxVM    2262424 (1676061) System panic'd after 2 out of 4 paths to disk were removed.
VxVM    2262429 (1742702) vxvmconvert fails, probably due to wrong disk capacity calculation
VxVM    2262432 (1192166) vxdg -n [newdg] deport [origdg] causes a sort of memory leak
VxVM    2262446 (1677416) Node is not joining back into the cluster
VxVM    2262450 (1819777) Panic in voldiosio_start() as race window exists while handling duplicate DA records
VxVM    2262464 (1435681) vxesd looping, using ~100% of one CPU.
VxVM    2262481 (1228526) Running vxdg flush on a slave node in a cvm cluster disables the disk group
VxVM    2262484 (1532363) vxdisk 'updateudid' is corrupting diskid. Import of diskgroup fails.
VxVM    2266325 (1362609) vxconfigd ERROR V-5-1- 12826 osuuid invalid guid in console.log VxVM 5.0
VxVM    2266333 (1528932) vxconfigd asserts in config_db_disable()
VxVM    2266338 (1589715) vxconfigd dumps core, after vxdmpadm getportids ctlr=<ctlr_name>   on a disabled ctlr
VxVM    2266343 (2027831) vxdg free not reporting free space correctly on CVM master. vxprint not printing DEVICE column for SDs
VxVM    2266345 (2029324) /etc/vx/diag.d/vxcvmdiag cvminfo core dumps on HPUX 5.0MP1:UNOF_MP1RP6HF2 (Samsung Cards current VM patch level)
VxVM    2266347 (1224659) Customer appears to be hitting e1224659 when running vxconfigbackup on 5.0MP2RP2 on HP 11.23
VxVM    2266351 (1954062) vxrecover results in os crash
VxVM    2272969 (2272959) vxio V-5-0-0 message missing a space
VxVM    2274270 (850816)  Parallel 'vxsnap reattach' operations can cause data corruption. Also, lead to orphan snap objects.
VxVM    2328342 (2324507) The manpage for vxrelayout(1M) command is incorrect
VxVM    2262500 (1969526) panic in voldiodone when a hung priv region I/O comes back

Incidents fixed in MP1P2:
Product  Incident_number  Abstract
VxVM    2204439 (2204434) SAS disk rootability failing with 5.0RP8 patches.

Incidents fixed in MP1P1:
Product  Incident_number  Abstract
VxVM    2040176 (1899688) [VVR]Every I/O on smartsync enabled volume under VVR leaks memory
VxVM    2089511 (2070531) Campus cluster: Couldn't enable siteconsistency on a dcl volume, when trying to make the disk group and its volumes siteconsistent.
VxVM    2111248 (2078209) resize of vxvm volume resulting in vxconfigd hang -- Need to increase the default value for volpagemod_max_memsz to 64MB

Incidents fixed in MP1:
Product  Incident_number  Abstract
VMPRO    1923605           VRTSvmpro configure script has initialization error of XML parser.

VxVM     1723192 (1461717) 'vxsnap make' command result in vxconfigd and IO sleep too long time
VxVM     1824198 (1638909) HP:11.31:5.0.1:CVM: Autoreattach: Running vxrecover hit the ted assert - f:vol_kmsg_respond:1a
VxVM     1845135 (1845133) Enable dmp_cache_open for 5.x releases
VxVM     1847435 (1755735) recovery I/Os get broken down to voliomem_chunk_size
VxVM     1857779 (1097258) vxconfigd hung when an array is disconnected
VxVM     1872749 (1405756) HP:11.31: 5.0.1: CVM: Add support for setting PFTO values cluster-wide
VxVM     1894579 (1904552) vxconfigd hung during reconfiguration test
VxVM     1918386 (1593844) DMP cannot maintain persistent iopolicy setting after reboot
VxVM     1921589 (1907796) Corrupted Blocks in Oracle after Dynamic LUN expansion and vxconfigd core dump
VxVM     1928353 (1957427) SSST: system panic with string 'Can't sleep in interrupt context'
VxVM     1937711 (1933970) Restrict the max_specialio tunable value to the permissible limit.
VxVM     1944262 (1701865) [QXCR1000920166] - willow 5.0.1: join failed due to interrupted reconfig on joiner and same reconfig completed on master
VxVM     1948158 (1222625) HPUX/VCS 5.x CVMCluster Agent doesn't handle non-C locales.
VxVM     1957364 (1729558) multiple vxplex attach cmds running in parallel on a volume lead to clearing DCO map and subsequently lead to corruption in FMR2
VxVM     1957366 (1744224) FMR3: multiple vxplex attach cmds running in parallel on a volume lead to clearing DCO map and subsequently lead to corruption
VxVM     1965417 (1804262) VVR:File system I/O of size bigger than 256k fails with error ENXIO after 2TB(>  2G blocks)offset.
VxVM     1965418 (1959513) HP:11.31:50RP5HF2: Propogate -o noreonline option of diskgroup import to slave nodes
VxVM     1969192 (1062997) FMR:DCO volume moves to another disk when volume is grown, does not honour allocation specs.
VxVM     1969412 (786357)  Request to make voldrl_volumemax_drtregs a tunable
VxVM     1969420 (524055)  vxvm:vxassist : ERROR:Cannot update volume vol-1
VxVM     1969425 (1090155) During vxevac, the vxsd command can absorb all nfile resources in kernel
VxVM     1969447 (1265794) vxvol set doesn't alow changing campus cluster options while the volume is open
VxVM     1969457 (1443679) FMR3: I/Os initiating DCO updates for clearing DRL async clear region may not wait for its completion.
VxVM     1969463 (1450932) Enhance DMP's delay queue processing logic to avoid infinite retries
VxVM     1984890 (600447)  vxprivutil dumpconfig <disk>   is showing last_platform as 0x0#bad
VxVM     1984900 (1089875) Increasing vol_maxio, vol_maxspecialio, and MAXIOSIZE to 1 MB on HP-UX
VxVM     1984907 (1078619) Allow mixed Naming Schemes, OSN/EBN
VxVM     1984920 (1067501) 210-074-149:HP:JAGag38229:VxVM4.1:'vxdisksetup -iB' incorrectly calculates publen
VxVM     1984928 (1037302) vxtask WARNING V-5-1-2497 Unable to get disk group record: Record not in disk group
VxVM     1984945 (990475)  FMR2 : Oring of DRL Recovery Map with FMR Detach Map when the volume is opened in RWBK mode
VxVM     1984975 (158585)  HPUX b_clock_ticks should not be set to zero
VxVM     1999673 (2000661) HP:11.31:5.0:RP8: Diskgroup rename during import with enhanced noreonline fails as slave uses the cached private region header info for diskgroup rather than info sent by Master
VxVM     2012600 (2006415) vxdisk init fails on SAS with Kauai. Geometry calculation needs to be changed
VxVM     2016375 (1735777) DMP paths for EFI disks, constantly going enabled/disabled and then failing/unstable on IA machines.
VxVM     2022181 (1729344) vxconfigd hung during dg destroy
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