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 Basic information
Release type: Point Patch
Release date: 2006-02-21
OS update support: None
Technote: None
Documentation: None
Popularity: 420 viewed    11 downloaded
Download size: 4.34 MB
Checksum: 2871595628

 Applies to one or more of the following products:
Storage Foundation 4.0 On AIX 5.1
Storage Foundation 4.0 On AIX 5.2
Storage Foundation for DB2 4.0 On AIX 5.1
Storage Foundation for DB2 4.0 On AIX 5.2
Storage Foundation for Oracle 4.0 On AIX 5.1
Storage Foundation for Oracle 4.0 On AIX 5.2
Storage Foundation HA 4.0 On AIX 5.1
Storage Foundation HA 4.0 On AIX 5.2
Volume Manager 4.0 On AIX 5.1
Volume Manager 4.0 On AIX 5.2
Volume Replicator 4.0 On AIX 5.1
Volume Replicator 4.0 On AIX 5.2

 Obsolete patches, incompatibilities, superseded patches, or other requirements:

This patch is obsolete. It is superseded by: Release date (AxRT 4.0 MP4) 2006-12-04 (AxRT 4.0 MP3 PP4) (obsolete) 2006-04-11 (AxRT 4.0 MP2 PP1) (obsolete) 2005-11-16 GA (AXRT 4.0 MP3) (obsolete) 2005-11-14 GA (AxRT 4.0 MP2) (obsolete) 2005-07-27

This patch supersedes the following patches: Release date (AxRT 4.0 MP1 PP1) (obsolete) 2005-07-27

 Fixes the following incidents:
323403, 366997, 407309, 408608, 412180, 412183

 Patch ID:

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                Volume Manager (Point-Patch_2 over 4.0MP1)

Patch Information:

Release level: VxVM
Description: VERITAS Volume Manager (VxVM) 4.0MP1+Pointpatch_2.


1. VxVM release level (minimum)
2. AIX release level (minimum)

Files/Binaries included in this patch:


Installation Procedure:

1. Since the patch process will configure the new kernel extensions, it
   has to be ensured that no VxVM volumes are in use/open/mounted before
   starting the installation procedure. Applications using VxVM volumes
   have to be stopped (unmount any mounted filesystems on VxVM volumes
   etc). If any VxVM volumes are in use, the installation process will
   be aborted.

2. Use the installp or Smit to install the patch image.

   Using installp:
   0. Before applying this patch, please kill the vxsvc process:

        /opt/VRTSob/bin/vxsvcctrl stop

   1. To apply this patch, use following command.

        installp -ag -d ./VRTSvxvm.bff VRTSvxvm

   2. To apply and commit this patch, use following command

        installp -acg -d ./VRTSvxvm.bff VRTSvxvm

   NOTE: Please refer installp(1M) man page for clear understanding
   on APPLY & COMMIT state of the package/patch.

   Using Smit:

        Software Installation and Maintenance ->
        Install and Update Software ->
        Update Installed Software to Latest Level

3. Reboot the system after the installation is complete.

Deinstallation Procedure:

If patch installation is in "APPLY" state, patch image can be rejected
or deinstalled. For rejecting the patch image, please use following

     installp -r -V VRTSvxvm

This command will reject/deinstall the VRTSvxvm (MP1) patch
Patch contents cannot be rejected/deinstalled if it is in COMMITed state.
Note that rejecting the patch will stop the vxconfigd(1M) (VxVM configuration
Daemon). Please start vxconfigd manually or reboot the system.

NOTE: Please refer SF 4.0 Installation Guide for AIX minimum level
requirements and also refer technote
for additional AIX patch level information.
Incidents fixed in this patch (entire list):

  407309 AIX: vxvm sources need to be rebuilt for MP2
  408608 AIX: Disks marked offline during NetApp filer ownership
              change (fail over/back)
  323403 DMP slow failover
  366997 System panic shortly after scsi errors and dmp events
  412180 vxdmpadm disable causes VCS groups to fault on HP XP12000 on AxRT4.0 SFOR
  412183 Packaging changes made for point patch over 4.0MP1

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