About workflow templates

Data Insight provides a way to create templates to help you quickly create remediation workflows for the resources that are monitored by Data Insight. Using workflow templates saves you time because you can use certain common values defined in the template to create multiple workflow instances of the same type. For resources that need remediation, the workflow template lets you define the attributes to be displayed on the Self-Service Portal and the actions that the Self-Service Portal users can take on these resources. For example, in case of a DLP Incident Remediation template, you can selectively choose the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Smart Response rules that you want to present for action by the portal users.

Refer to the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) documentation for details about DLP policies and Smart Response rules.

You can create multiple workflow instances from a template of the same type. You can also choose to edit a template to suit your requirement before you submit a workflow. For example, you can choose to change the frequency of email reminders, or customize the default email included in the template.

You can create a template for the following types of remediation workflows:


If you do not have a valid portal license or if your base or portal license has expired, Data Insight disables the option to creation of workflow templates.

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