Adding classification tags while archiving files into Enterprise Vault

You can add classification tags to a file that you want to archive using Enterprise Vault. When the file is archived and indexed in Enterprise Vault, the classification tag is included in the index of the file. When you search the archive, the search is carried out on the tags that are attached to the file rather than the entire Enterprise Vault database. You can also use the classification tags to reassign retention categories that determine how long archived items are stored in Enterprise Vault. You can add any number of classification tags.

A user with the Server Administrator or a Report Administrator role can add classification tags to files being archived.

To add classification tags

  1. Go to Reports and select a report type that allows data remediation using Enterprise Vault, for example Inactive Data by File Group.
  2. Click Create Report.
  3. Navigate to the Remediation tab.
  4. Select the Take action on data generated by report check box .
  5. Select the Archiving(Enterprise Vault) radio button.
  6. Select the Add Custom Index Property check box .
  7. Select a value from the Property type drop-down box. It contains values like Text property, Integer Property, and Date property.
  8. Depending on what you select, three text boxes corresponding to Set, Name and Value appear. Enter the classification tag in the following format:




Name of the property-set to which the property is added.


This name can be an already existing property set name or a new one. If it does not already exist, a new property set is created when you make an entry here.


Name of the property. A property set can have a number of unique names.


Value of Set.Name. The value can be Text, Integer, or Date type depending on the property type selected.

Figure: An example of Set, Name, and Value

An example of Set, Name, and Value

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