Configuring the Samba agents

If Samba is configured properly, and the configuration file is identical on all cluster systems, configure resources of type SambaServer and NetBios only. This ensures that all shares in the Samba configuration file are failed over when the SambaServer resource fails over. Note that the Samba shares are not monitored. To monitor the Samba shares, configure the agents with the following dependencies:

SambaShare requires NetBios

SambaShare requires SambaServer

NetBios requies IP

For example, use the following configuration to monitor Samba shares SambaShare1 and SambaShare2. Use multiple resources of type SambaShare (if necessary), but only one resource each of type NetBios and SambaServer.

SambaShare1 requires NetBios1

SambaShare1 requires SambaServer1

SambaShare2 requires NetBios1

SambaShare2 requires SambaServer1

NetBios1 requies IP_1