Configuring the basic cluster

Enter the cluster information when the installer prompts you.

To configure the cluster

  1. Review the configuration instructions that the installer presents.

  2. Enter the unique cluster name and cluster ID.

    Enter the unique cluster name: [?] clus1
    Enter the unique Cluster ID number between 0-65535: [b,?] 7
  3. Review the NICs available on the first system as the installer discovers and reports them.

    The private heartbeats can either use NIC or aggregated interfaces. To use aggregated interfaces for private heartbeat, enter the name of the aggregated interface. To use a NIC for private heartbeat, enter a NIC which is not part of an aggregated interface.

  4. Enter the network interface card details for the private heartbeat links.

    You can choose the network interface cards or the aggregated interfaces that the installer discovers.

    You must not enter the network interface card that is used for the public network (typically lan0.)

    Enter the NIC for the first private heartbeat NIC on galaxy:
    [b,?] lan1
    Would you like to configure a second private heartbeat link?
    [y,n,q,b,?] (y)   
    Enter the NIC for the second private heartbeat NIC on galaxy:
    [b,?] lan2
    Would you like to configure a third private heartbeat link?
    Do you want to configure an additional low priority heartbeat 
    link? [y,n,q,b,?] (n)
  5. Choose whether to use the same NIC details to configure private heartbeat links on other systems.

    Are you using the same NICs for private heartbeat links on all 
    systems? [y,n,q,b,?] (y)

    If you want to use the NIC details that you entered for galaxy, make sure the same NICs are available on each system. Then, enter y at the prompt.

    If the NIC device names are different on some of the systems, enter n. Provide the NIC details for each system as the program prompts.

  6. Verify and confirm the information that the installer summarizes.