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access control lists link 

alias for Quick I/O files link 

allocation policies link 

default link 

extent link 

extent based link 

multi-volume support link 


bad block revectoring link 

blkclear link 

blkclear mount option link 

block based architecture link 

block size link link 

blockmap for a snapshot file system link 

buffered file systems link 

buffered I/O link 


cache advisories link 

closesync link 


cron link 

fsadm link 

fscat link 

getext link 

mkfs link 

qiostat link 

setext link 

contiguous reservation link 

converting a data Storage Checkpoint to a nodata Storage Checkpoint link 

convosync mount option link link 

copy-on-write technique link link 

cp link 

cpio link 

creating a multi-volume support file system link 

creating file systems with large files link 

creating files with mkfs link 

creating Quick I/O files link 

crfs link link 

cron link link 

cron sample script link 


data copy link 

data integrity link 

data Storage Checkpoints definition link 

data synchronous I/O link link 

data transfer link 


allocation policy link 

block sizes link link 

defragmentation link 

extent link 

scheduling with cron link 

delaylog mount option link 

device file link 

direct data transfer link 

direct I/O link 

directory reorganization link 

disabled file system

snapshot link 

transactions link 

discovered direct I/O link 

discovered_direct_iosize tunable parameter link 

disk layout

Version 4 link 

disk space allocation link link 

displaying mounted file systems link 

Dynamic Storage Tiering

multi-volume support link 


enabling Quick I/O link 

encapsulating volumes link 

enhanced data integrity modes link 

ENOENT link 

ENOSPC link 


expansion link 

extensions of Quick I/O files link 

extent link link 

attributes link 

description link 

indirect link 

reorganization link 

extent allocation link 

aligned link 

control link 

fixed size link 

unit state file link 

unit summary file link 

extent size

indirect link 

external quotas file link 


fc_foff link 

fcl_inode_aging_count tunable parameter link 

fcl_inode_aging_size tunable parameter link 

fcl_keeptime tunable parameter link 

fcl_maxalloc tunable parameter link 

fcl_winterval tunable parameter link 


device link 

extent allocation unit state link 

extent allocation unit summary link 

fileset header link 

free extent map link 

inode allocation unit link 

inode list link 

intent log link 

label link 

object location table link 

quotas link 

sparse link 

file change log link 

file system

block size link 

buffering link 

displaying mounted link 

increasing size link 


header file link 

primary link 

filesystems file link 

fixed extent size link 

fixed write size link 


monitoring link link 

reorganization facilities link 

reporting link 

fragmented file system characteristics link 

free extent map file link 

free space monitoring link 

freeze link 

freezing and thawing, relation to Storage Checkpoints link 

fsadm link 

how to reorganize a file system link 

how to resize a file system link 

reporting extent fragmentation link 

scheduling defragmentation using cron link 

fsadm_vxfs link 

fscat link 

fsck link 

fsckptadm, Storage Checkpoint administration link 

fsvoladm link 


get I/O parameter ioctl link 

getext link 

global message IDs link 

global tunable parmeter

vx_bc_bufhvm link 

vx_vmm_buf_count link 

vxfs_ninode link 


how to access a Storage Checkpoint link 

how to create a backup file system link 

how to create a Storage Checkpoint link 

how to display mounted file systems link 

how to mount a Storage Checkpoint link 

how to remove a Storage Checkpoint link 

how to reorganize a file system link 

how to resize a file system link 

how to restore a file system link 

how to set up user quotas link 

how to turn off quotas link 

how to turn on quotas link 

how to unmount a Storage Checkpoint link 

how to view quotas link 

HSM agent error message link 

hsm_write_prealloc link 



direct link 

sequential link 

synchronous link 

I/O requests

asynchronous link 

synchronous link 

increasing file system size link 

indirect extent

address size link 

double link 

single link 

initial_extent_size tunable parameter link 

inode allocation unit file link 

inode list error link 

inode list file link 

inode table link 

internal link 

sizes link 

inodes, block based link 

intent log link 

file link 

multi-volume support link 

Intent Log Resizing link 

internal inode table link 

internal quotas file link 

ioctl interface link 


kernel asynchronous I/O link 

kernel tunable parameters link 


label file link 

large files link link 

creating file systems with link 

mounting file systems with link 

largefiles mount option link 

log failure link 

log mount option link 

logiosize mount option link 


max_direct_iosize tunable parameter link 

max_diskq tunable parameter link 

max_seqio_extent_size tunable parameter link 

maximum I/O size link 


multi-volume support link 

mincache mount option link link 

mkfs link 

creating files with link link 

creating large files link 

modes, enhanced data integrity link 

monitoring fragmentation link 

mount link link 

how to display mounted file systems link 

mounting a Storage Checkpoint link 

pseudo device link 

mount options link 

blkclear link 

choosing link 

combining link 

convosync link link 

delaylog link link 

extended link 

largefiles link 

log link link 

logiosize link 

mincache link link 

nodatainlog link link 

tmplog link 

mounted file system, displaying link 

mounting a file system

option combinations link 

with large files link 

mounting a Storage Checkpoint link 

mounting a Storage Checkpoint of a cluster file system link 

msgcnt field link 

multiple block operations link 

multi-volume support link 

creating a MVS file system link 

mv link 


name space, preserved by Storage Checkpoints link 

naming convention, Quick I/O link 

ncheck link 

nodata Storage Checkpoints link 

nodata Storage Checkpoints definition link 

nodatainlog mount option link link 


O_SYNC link 

object location table file link 



default link 

tunable link 

tuning link 


overall link 

snapshot file systems link 

preallocating space for Quick I/O files link 

primary fileset relation to Storage Checkpoints link 

pseudo device link 


qiomkfile link 

qiostat link 

Quick I/O link 

access Quick I/O files as raw devices link 

access regular UNIX files link 

creating Quick I/O files link 

direct I/O link 

double buffering link 

extension link 

read/write locks link 

restrictions link 

special naming convention link 

Quick I/O files

access regular UNIX files link 

preallocating space link 

statistics link 

using relative and absolute path names link 

quota commands link 

quotacheck link 

quotas link 

exceeding the soft limit link 

hard limit link link 

soft limit link 

quotas file link link 

quotas.grp file link 


read_nstream tunable parameter link 

read_pref_io tunable parameter link 

read-only Storage Checkpoints link 

relative and absolute path names used with symbolic links link 

removable Storage Checkpoints definition link 


directory link 

extent link 

report extent fragmentation link 

reservation space link 

restrictions on Quick I/O link 

Reverse Path Name Lookup link 


sectors, forming logical blocks link 

sequential I/O link 

setext link 

SMIT link 

snapped file systems link link 

performance link 

unmounting link 

snapread link 

snapshot link 

snapshot file system

on CFS link 

snapshot file systems link link 

blockmap link 

data block area link 

disabled link 

errors link 

fscat link 

fuser link 

mounting link 

multiple link 

performance link 

read link 

super-block link 

snapshot, how to create a backup file system link 

snapsize link 

sparse file link 


generated for Quick I/O link 


clearing link 

uninitialized link 

Storage Checkpoints

accessing link 

administration of link 

converting a data Storage Checkpoint to a nodata Storage Checkpoint with multiple Storage Checkpoints link 

creating link 

data Storage Checkpoints link 

definition of link 

difference between a data Storage Checkpoint and a nodata Storage Checkpoint link 

freezing and thawing a file system link 

mounting link 

multi-volume support link 

nodata Storage Checkpoints link link 

operation failures link 

pseudo device link 

read-only Storage Checkpoints link 

removable Storage Checkpoints link 

removing link 

space management link 

synchronous vs. asynchronous conversion link 

types of link 

unmounting link 

using the fsck command link 

writable Storage Checkpoints link 

super-block link 

SVID requirement, VxFS conformance to link 

symbolic links, accessing Quick I/O files link 

synchronous I/O link 

system failure recovery link 

system performance

overall link 


temporary directories link 

thaw link 

tmplog mount option link 

transaction disabling link 

tunable I/O parameters link 

discovered_direct_iosize link 

fcl_keeptime link 

fcl_maxalloc link 

fcl_winterval link 

initial_extent_size link 

inode_aging_count link 

inode_aging_size link 

max_direct_iosize link 

max_diskq link 

max_seqio_extent_size link 

read_nstream link 

read_pref_io link 

Volume Manager maximum I/O size link 

write_nstream link 

write_pref_io link 

write_throttle link 

tuning I/O parameters link 

typed extents link 


umount command link 

uninitialized storage, clearing link 

unmount link link 

a snapped file system link 


VEA link 

VERITAS Enterprise Administrator link 

Version 4 disk layout link 

virtual disks link 

vol_maxio tunable I/O parameter link 

volume sets link 


vx_bc_bufhwm tunable parameter link 

VX_DSYNC link 

VX_FREEZE link link 

VX_FULLFSCK link link link link link link link link link link link link link link link link link link link 




VX_THAW link 


vx_vmm_buf_count tunable parameter link 


how to set up user quotas link 


storage allocation link 

vxfs_inotopath link 

vxfs_ninode tunable parameter link 

vxfssystem file link 

vxfsu_fcl_sync link 

vxgetfacl link 

vxlsino link 


how to view quotas link 

vxquotaoff, how to turn off quotas link 


how to turn on quotas link 

vxrestore link link 

vxsetfacl link 

vxtunefs, changing extent size link 

vxvset link 


writable Storage Checkpoints link 

write size link 

write_nstream tunable parameter link 

write_pref_io tunable parameter link 

write_throttle tunable parameter link