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Taking traditional snapshot of data volumes of an RVG

This task creates a traditional snapshot volume for each data volume in an RVG.

  Note   A snapshot plex must be available for this task to succeed. The snapshot plex can be created using the vxassist snapshot vol command.

 To take a traditional snapshot

  1. Choose Replication Tasks > Take Traditional Snapshot Data Volumes of RVG.
  2. Select the RVG from the list.

    The following screen displays:

Click the thumbnail above to view full-sized image.

  1. Optionally, enter a prefix in the Prefix entry field. This prefix enables you to easily identify the snapshot name. If you do not specify a prefix, provides a default in the format SNAP#-<volume name>.
  2. To initiate the task, press enter.

    The command status screen displays.

  3. Press F3 until you return to the main menu.