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Snapback of data volumes of an RVG

The Snapback task enables you to reattach the snapshots to the original data volumes in the RVG.

 To snapback data volumes of an RVG

  1. Choose Replicated Tasks > Snapback of Data Volumes of an RVG.
  2. Select the RVG from the list.

    The following screen displays:

Click the thumbnail above to view full-sized image.

  1. To snapback all snapshot volumes in an RVG, press tab in the Snapback all the Snapshot Volumes in an RVG field to change the setting to yes; otherwise, keep the default setting to no.

      Note   To determine the appropriate setting, press F1 to view help.


    To snapback volumes with a specific prefix, enter the prefix in the Prefix of the Snapshot Volumes field. This field is optional.

  2. To initiate the task, press enter.

    The command status screen displays.

  3. Press F3 until you return to the main menu.