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Associating a volume to a Replicated Data Set

The Associate/Dissociate Volumes of an RDS task can be used to add a volume to an RDS even when replication is in progress. This task associates a volume to all the RVGs of the RDS. Note that volumes of the same name and same length must exist on the Secondary and Primary hosts of the RDS. If this task fails on any of the hosts in the RDS during its execution, the original configuration remains unchanged.

Prerequisites for associating a volume to an RDS

  Create volumes of the same name and length as the Primary volume on all the hosts in the RDS. For more information, refer to the Veritas Volume Manager Administrator's Guide for AIX.

  Verify that the volumes to be added are inactive.

  Make sure that the volumes are synchronized.

  Caution   The volumes must have been synchronized before beginning this task. VVR does not synchronize volumes when issuing the Associating Volume to an RDS command.

For details on Associating/Dissociating a data volume to an RDS, see Associating a volume to a Replicated Data Set and Dissociating a data volume from its Replicated Data Set.

 To associate a data volume to an RDS

  1. Choose Configure Replicated Data Set (RDS) > Associate / Dissociate Volumes of an RDS > Associate a Data Volume to an RDS.
  2. Select the RVG from the list.
  3. Press F4 in the Select a Data Volume to Associate entry field.

    The following screen displays:

Click the thumbnail above to view full-sized image.

  1. Select the volume to associate.
  2. In the Add Volume Even if the Data Volumes are not Synchronized entry field, press tab to select yes; otherwise, keep the default setting to no.

      Note   To determine the appropriate setting, press F1 to view help.

  3. To initiate the task, press enter.

    The command status screen displays.

  4. Press F3 until you return to the main menu.