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Stopping replication to a Secondary

The Stop Replication task can be used to stop replication to a Secondary in an RDS. The Stop Replication task can be initiated from any host in an RDS. For details, see Stopping replication to a Secondary.

  Caution   The Secondary does not receive any updates after this task is completed. If you want to momentarily stop replication and then resume it, use the Pause Replication and Resume Replication menu options.

 To stop replication to a specific Secondary in an RDS

  1. Choose Replication Tasks > Stop Replication.
  2. Select an RVG from the list.

    After selecting the RVG, the following screen displays:

Click the thumbnail above to view full-sized image.

  1. In the Stop Replication when the Primary RLINK is not up-to-date entry field, press tab to select yes; otherwise, keep the default setting to no.

      Note   To determine the appropriate setting, press F1 to view help.

  2. If the RDS contains multiple Secondary hosts, press F4 to list and select the Secondary host in the Secondary Host entry field. If the RDS contains a single Secondary, the host name displays in the Secondary Host entry field.
  3. To initiate this task, press enter.

    The command status screen displays.

  4. Press F3 until you return to the main menu.