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Changing VVR tunables

This section describes changing VVR tunables. For more information on VVR-specific tunables, see the Veritas Volume Replicator Planning and Tuning Guide. You can use the tunables to manage buffer space on the Primary and Secondary according to your requirements. The default value of each of these tunables is 4MB.

 To change the value of a tunable

  1. Choose Change/Show VxVM Tunables.
  2. Press the down arrow key or the page down key until the VVR tunables display. The following illustration shows the VVR tunables:

Click the thumbnail above to view full-sized image.

  1. Enter a new value for the tunable to change. The values of the first four tunables and the tunables Maximum size per message for resync or autosync and Maximum memory allocated for I/O pool are displayed in bytes. To enter a new value in bytes, position your cursor in the entry field of the tunable to change.

    The tunable Transport to be used for VVR identifies the protocol, either UDP (1) or TCP (2). The default is UDP (1). The tunable Replication over NAT based Firewall enables you to set up replication over a NAT-based firewall. The default is 0. To enable replication over a NAT-based firewall, set the tunable to 1. To change these tunables, position your cursor in the entry field, and then press tab.

    The tunable Maximum interval during which heartbeats may remain unacknowledged gives the heartbeat timeout in seconds. The default is set to 10. To change the default, position your cursor in the entry field, and then type a new value.

  2. To initiate the change, press enter.

      Note   After you press enter, the command status screen displays the following message:
    Changes will become effective at next system restart.

  3. Press F3 until you return to the main menu.