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Removing a Primary RVG

The Remove Primary task removes a Primary RVG from an RDS and thus deletes the corresponding RDS.

Prerequisite for deleting a Primary RVG:

  Make sure that all the Secondary RVGs have been removed from the RDS before performing the Remove Primary task. For instructions, see Removing a Secondary from an RDS.

  Note   This task can only be performed from the Primary host.

 To remove a Primary RVG from its RDS

  1. Select the Primary host name from the tree view, and then choose Replication > Remove Primary. To use the pop-up menu, right-click the name of the Primary in the tree view, and then select Remove Primary.
  2. To remove the Primary RVG while the application using the Primary data volumes is active, select Force Remove.
  3. Click OK. A message indicates whether the Remove Primary task succeeded or failed.


    • The Remove Primary task does not delete data volumes or the SRL from the Veritas Volume Manager configuration.