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Transferring the Primary role

In a VVR environment, applications can only write to the Primary data volumes. When replication is active, the application cannot write to the Secondary data volumes. To start the applications on the Secondary, you must transfer the Primary role to the Secondary. After transferring the role, you can start the application on the new Primary.

VVR enables you to transfer the Primary role from a healthy or failed Primary using a single command. It also enables you to fail back to the original Primary using a simple set of commands.

VVR offers the following methods to transfer the Primary role:

This chapter explains how to transfer the Primary role using each of these methods.

  Note   If the RDS is configured in a Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) environment, use the hagrp command to offline and online the corresponding resources. For more information on offlining and onlining resources, see the Veritas Cluster Server User's Guide. If you are using the RVGPrimary agent for VVR to manage role transfer, refer to the VCS Agents for VVR Configuration Guide.