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Secondary SRL header error at reboot

If the secondary SRL has an error after a reboot, it is not possible to recover it, even if the SRL subsequently becomes available. Ignore the following message:

VxVM VVR vxrvg ERROR V-5-1-0 RVG rvg_name cannot be recovered because SRL is not accessible. Try recovering the RVG after the SRL becomes available using vxrecover -s command

  1. Dissociate the SRL:

    # vxvol -g hrdg -f dis srl

    Ignore the following messages:

    VxVM vxvol WARNING V-5-1-0 WARNING: Rvg rvgname has not been recovered because the SRL is not available. The data volumes may be out-of-date and inconsistent

    VxVM vxvol WARNING V-5-1-0 The data volumes in the rvg rvgname cannot be recovered because the SRL is being dissociated. Restore the data volumes from backup before starting the applications

  2. Create a new SRL volume, new_srl and continue as follows:

    # vxvol -g hrdg aslog rvg_name new_srl

    # vxrlink -g hrdg recover rlink_name

    # vxrlink -g hrdg -f att rlink_name

    # vxrvg -g hrdg start rvg_name

If replication was frozen due to receipt of an IBC, the data in the SRL is lost but there is no indication of this problem. To see whether this was the case, examine the /var/adm/ras/conslog file for a message such as:

WARNING: VxVM VVR vxio V-5-0-0 Replication frozen for rlink <rlink>

If this is the last message for the RLINK, that is, if there is no subsequent message stating that replication was unfrozen, the Primary RLINK must be completely resynchronized.