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Configuring sites for hosts and disks

  Note   The Remote Mirror feature requires that the Site Awareness license has been installed on all hosts at all sites that are participating in the configuration.

Use the following command to set the site name for each host:

# vxdctl set site=sitename

The name that has been assigned to a site is stored in the /etc/vx/volboot file, and can be displayed by using the vxdctl list command:

# vxdctl list | grep siteid

siteid: building1

To remove the site name from a host, use this command:

# vxdctl [-F] unset site

The -F option is required if any imported disk groups are registered to the site.

To tag disks with a site name, use the vxdisk settag command as shown here:

# vxdisk [-g diskgroup] settag disk site=sitename

where the disk can be specified either by the disk access name or the disk media name. You must repeat this command for each of the disks that are to be registered to a site.

To check which disks are registered to a site, use the vxdisk littag command:

# vxdisk [-g diskgroup] listtag

To remove the site tag from a disk, use the vxdisk rmtag command:

# vxdisk rmtag disk site=sitename