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Managing the configuration daemon in VxVM

The VxVM configuration daemon (vxconfigd) provides the interface between VxVM commands and the kernel device drivers. vxconfigd handles configuration change requests from VxVM utilities, communicates the change requests to the VxVM kernel, and modifies configuration information stored on disk. vxconfigd also initializes VxVM when the system is booted.

The vxdctl command is the command-line interface to the vxconfigd daemon.

You can use vxdctl to:

In VxVM 4.0 and later releases, disk access records are no longer stored in the /etc/vx/volboot file. Non-persistent disk access records are created by scanning the disks at system startup. Persistent disk access records for simple and nopriv disks are permanently stored in the /etc/vx/darecs file in the root file system. The vxconfigd daemon reads the contents of this file to locate the disks and the configuration databases for their disk groups.

The /etc/vx/darecs file is also used to store definitions of foreign devices that are not autoconfigurable. Such entries may be added by using the vxddladm addforeign command.

See the vxddladm(1M) manual page.

If your system is configured to use Dynamic Multipathing (DMP), you can also use vxdctl to:

See the vxdctl(1M) manual page.