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Extended Copy Service

The Extended Copy Service feature of VxVM works in tandem with the extended copy engines from array vendors. When VxVM detects that the source and destination devices are enabled for extended copy, VxVM automatically off loads copy requests to the array's copy manager.

The benefits of the Extended Copy Service are:

To see whether the Extended Copy Service feature is enabled on a disk, use the vxprint command as shown in the following example. The feature is enabled if an ecopy_enabled entry appears in the flags line.

# vxprint -l disk03

Disk group: rootdg

Disk: disk03


assoc: device=c2t2d0s2 type=auto

flags: autoconfig ecopy_enabled

device: path=/dev/vx/dmp/c2t2d0s4

devinfo: publen=35354136 privlen=9167

If required, you can use the -o noecopy option to turn off Extended Copy Service for each invocation of the vxplex att, cp, mv and snapstart commands, and the vxsd mv command.