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Configuring DMP path restoration policies

DMP maintains a kernel thread that re-examines the condition of paths at a specified interval. The type of analysis that is performed on the paths depends on the checking policy that is configured.

  Note   The DMP path restoration thread does not change the disabled state of the path through a controller that you have disabled using vxdmpadm disable.

Use the start restore command to configure one of the following policies:

# vxdmpadm start restore policy=check_all [interval=seconds]

# vxdmpadm start restore policy=check_alternate \


# vxdmpadm start restore policy=check_disabled \


# vxdmpadm start restore policy=check_periodic \

  interval=seconds [period=number]

The interval attribute must be specified for this policy. The default number of cycles between running the check_all policy is 10.

The interval attribute specifies how often the path restoration thread examines the paths. For example, after stopping the path restoration thread, the polling interval can be set to 400 seconds using the following command:

# vxdmpadm start restore interval=400

Warning: The default interval is 300 seconds. Decreasing this interval can adversely affect system performance.

To change the interval or policy, first stop the path restoration thread, and then restart it with new attributes.

See "Stopping the DMP path restoration thread" on page 148.