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Using DMP with LVM boot disks

The Logical Volume Manager (LVM) in AIX is incapable of switching between multiple paths that may exist to the boot disk. If the path that LVM selects becomes unavailable at boot time, the root file system is disabled, and the boot fails. DMP can be configured to overcome this problem by ensuring that an alternate path is available at boot time.

Support for LVM bootability over DMP is enabled by running the following command:

# /usr/sbin/vxdmproot install

Individual DMP nodes or subpaths can be added or removed from those supported by using the vxdmproot command with the add and remove keywords, and specifying a DMP node name or operating system native device name as an argument, for example:

# /usr/sbin/vxdmproot add hdisk0

Support for LVM bootability over DMP is disabled by running the following command:

# /usr/sbin/vxdmproot uninstall

LVM bootability over DMP can be verified as being enabled on a system if the following commands show the same major number for the DMP driver and for the boot disk:

# ls -l /dev/vx/dmpconfig

# ls -l /dev/`bootinfo -b`

See the vxdmproot(1M) manual page.