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Moving relocated subdisks using vxassist

You can use the vxassist command to move and unrelocate subdisks. For example, to move the relocated subdisks on mydg05 belonging to the volume home back to mydg02, enter the following command:

# vxassist -g mydg move home !mydg05 mydg02

Here, !mydg05 specifies the current location of the subdisks, and mydg02 specifies where the subdisks should be relocated.

If the volume is enabled, subdisks within detached or disabled plexes, and detached log or RAID-5 subdisks, are moved without recovery of data.

If the volume is not enabled, subdisks within STALE or OFFLINE plexes, and stale log or RAID-5 subdisks, are moved without recovery. If there are other subdisks within a non-enabled volume that require moving, the relocation fails.

For enabled subdisks in enabled plexes within an enabled volume, data is moved to the new location, without loss of either availability or redundancy of the volume.