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Dissociating an instant snapshot

The following command breaks the association between a full-sized instant snapshot volume, snapvol, and its parent volume, so that the snapshot may be used as an independent volume:

# vxsnap [-f] [-g diskgroup] dis snapvolume|snapvolume_set

This operation fails if the snapshot, snapvol, has a snapshot hierarchy below it that contains unsynchronized snapshots. If this happens, the dependent snapshots must be fully synchronized from snapvol. When no dependent snapshots remain, snapvol may be dissociated. The snapshot hierarchy is then adopted by the parent volume of snapvol.

To be usable after dissociation, the snapshot volume and any snapshots in the hierarchy must have been fully synchronized.

See "Controlling instant snapshot synchronization" on page 325.

In addition, you cannot dissociate a snapshot if synchronization of any of the dependent snapshots in the hierarchy is incomplete. If an incomplete snapshot is dissociated, it is unusable and should be deleted.

See "Removing an instant snapshot" on page 322.

The following command dissociates the snapshot, snap2myvol, from its parent volume:

# vxsnap -g mydg dis snap2myvol

Warning: When applied to a volume set or to a component volume of a volume set, this operation can result in inconsistencies in the snapshot hierarchy in the case of a system crash or hardware failure. If the operation is applied to a volume set, the -f (force) option must be specified.