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Splitting an instant snapshot hierarchy

  Note   This operation is not supported for space-optimized instant snapshots.

The following command breaks the association between a snapshot hierarchy that has the snapshot volume, snapvol, at its head, and its parent volume, so that the snapshot hierarchy may be used independently of the parent volume:

# vxsnap [-f] [-g diskgroup] split snapvolume|snapvolume_set

The topmost snapshot volume in the hierarchy must have been fully synchronized for this command to succeed. Snapshots that are lower down in the hierarchy need not have been fully resynchronized.

See "Controlling instant snapshot synchronization" on page 325.

The following command splits the snapshot hierarchy under snap2myvol from its parent volume:

# vxsnap -g mydg split snap2myvol

Warning: When applied to a volume set or to a component volume of a volume set, this operation can result in inconsistencies in the snapshot hierarchy in the case of a system crash or hardware failure. If the operation is applied to a volume set, the -f (force) option must be specified.