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About Storage Expert

System administrators often find that gathering and interpreting data about large and complex configurations can be a difficult task. Veritas Storage Expert is designed to help in diagnosing configuration problems with VxVM.

Storage Expert consists of a set of simple commands that collect VxVM configuration data and compare it with "best practice." Storage Expert then produces a summary report that shows which objects do not meet these criteria and makes recommendations for VxVM configuration improvements.

These user-configurable tools help you as an administrator to verify and validate systems and non-optimal configurations in both small and large VxVM installations.

See "How Storage Expert works" on page 422.

See "Before using Storage Expert" on page 422.

See "Running Storage Expert" on page 422.

See "Identifying configuration problems using Storage Expert" on page 425.

See "Rule definitions and attributes" on page 431.

See the vxse(1M) manual page.