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Running Storage Expert

The executable rule files are located in the directory, /opt/VRTS/vxse/vxvm. It is recommended that this directory be added to the PATH variable.

The rules are invoked using the following command-line syntax:

# rulename [options] keyword [attribute=value ...]

Each of the rules performs a different function.

See "Rule definitions and attributes" on page 431.

The following options may be specified:

-d defaults_file 

Specifies an alternate defaults file. 

-g diskgroup 

Specifies verbose output format. 


Specifies the disk group to be examined. 

One of the following keywords must be specified:


Lists the default values used by the rule's attributes. 


Describes what the rule does. 


Lists the attributes of the rule that you can set. 


Runs the rule. 

See "Rule definitions and attributes" on page 431.