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Dissociating subdisks from plexes

To break an established connection between a subdisk and the plex to which it belongs, the subdisk is dissociated from the plex. A subdisk is dissociated when the subdisk is removed or used in another plex. To dissociate a subdisk, use the following command:

# vxsd [-g diskgroup] [-o force] dis subdisk

For example, to dissociate a subdisk named mydg02-01 from the plex with which it is currently associated in the disk group, mydg, use the following command:

# vxsd -g mydg dis mydg02-01

You can additionally remove the dissociated subdisks from VxVM control using the following form of the command:

# vxsd [-g diskgroup] -o rm dis subdisk

Warning: If the subdisk maps a portion of a volume's address space, dissociating it places the volume in DEGRADED mode. In this case, the dis operation prints a warning and must be forced using the -o force option to succeed. Also, if removing the subdisk makes the volume unusable, because another subdisk in the same stripe is unusable or missing and the volume is not DISABLED and empty, the operation is not allowed.