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Joining subdisks

Joining subdisks combines two or more existing subdisks into one subdisk. To join subdisks, the subdisks must be contiguous on the same disk. If the selected subdisks are associated, they must be associated with the same plex, and be contiguous in that plex. To join several subdisks, use the following command:

# vxsd [-g diskgroup] join subdisk1 subdisk2 ... new_subdisk

For example, to join the contiguous subdisks mydg03-02, mydg03-03, mydg03-04 and mydg03-05 as subdisk mydg03-02 in the disk group, mydg, use the following command:

# vxsd -g mydg join mydg03-02 mydg03-03 mydg03-04 mydg03-05 \