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Adding a RAID-5 log using vxplex

As an alternative to using vxassist, you can add a RAID-5 log using the vxplex command. For example, to attach a RAID-5 log plex, r5log, to a RAID-5 volume, r5vol, in the disk group, mydg, use the following command:

# vxplex -g mydg att r5vol r5log

The attach operation can only proceed if the size of the new log is large enough to hold all of the data on the stripe. If the RAID-5 volume already contains logs, the new log length is the minimum of each individual log length. This is because the new log is a mirror of the old logs.

If the RAID-5 volume is not enabled, the new log is marked as BADLOG and is enabled when the volume is started. However, the contents of the log are ignored.

If the RAID-5 volume is enabled and has other enabled RAID-5 logs, the new log's contents are synchronized with the other logs.

If the RAID-5 volume currently has no enabled logs, the new log is zeroed before it is enabled.