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Resizing volumes using vxresize

Use the vxresize command to resize a volume containing a file system. Although other commands can be used to resize volumes containing file systems, the vxresize command offers the advantage of automatically resizing certain types of file system as well as the volume.

Permitted resizing operations on file systems shows what operations are permitted and whether the file system must first be unmounted to resize the file system.

Permitted resizing operations on file systems


Mounted File System

Grow and shrink 

Unmounted File System

Not allowed 

For example, the following command resizes the 1-gigabyte volume, homevol, in the disk group, mydg, that contains a VxFS file system to 10 gigabytes using the spare disks mydg10 and mydg11:

# vxresize -g mydg -b -F vxfs -t homevolresize homevol 10g \

  mydg10 mydg11

The -b option specifies that this operation runs in the background. Its progress can be monitored by specifying the task tag homevolresize to the vxtask command.

Note the following restrictions for using vxresize:

For more information about the vxresize command, see the vxresize(1M) manual page.