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Resizing volumes using vxvol

To change the length of a volume using the vxvol set command, use the following command:

# vxvol [-g diskgroup] set len=length volume

For example, to change the length of the volume, vol01, in the disk group, mydg, to 100000 sectors, use the following command:

# vxvol -g mydg set len=100000 vol01

  Note   The vxvol set len command cannot be used to increase the size of a volume unless the needed space is available in the plexes of the volume. When the size of a volume is reduced using the vxvol set len command, the freed space is not released into the disk group's free space pool.

If a volume is active and its length is being reduced, the operation must be forced using the -o force option to vxvol. This prevents accidental removal of space from applications using the volume.

The length of logs can also be changed using the following command:

# vxvol [-g diskgroup] set loglen=length log_volume

Warning: Sparse log plexes are not valid. They must map the entire length of the log. If increasing the log length would make any of the logs invalid, the operation is not allowed. Also, if the volume is not active and is dirty (for example, if it has not been shut down cleanly), the log length cannot be changed. This avoids the loss of any of the log contents (if the log length is decreased), or the introduction of random data into the logs (if the log length is being increased).