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Specifying task tags

Every task is given a unique task identifier. This is a numeric identifier for the task that can be specified to the vxtask utility to specifically identify a single task. Several VxVM utilities also provide a -t option to specify an alphanumeric tag of up to 16 characters in length. This allows you to group several tasks by associating them with the same tag.

The vxassist, vxevac, vxplex, vxmirror, vxrecover, vxrelayout, vxresize, vxsd, and vxvol utilities allow you to specify a tag using the -t option. For example, to execute a vxrecover command and track all the resulting tasks as a group with the task tag myrecovery, use the following command:

# vxrecover -g mydg -t myrecovery -b mydg05

Any tasks started by the utilities invoked by vxrecover also inherit its task ID and task tag, so establishing a parent-child task relationship.

For more information about the utilities that support task tagging, see their respective manual pages.