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Recovering an unstartable mirrored volume

A system crash or an I/O error can corrupt one or more plexes of a mirrored volume and leave no plex CLEAN or ACTIVE. You can mark one of the plexes CLEAN and instruct the system to use that plex as the source for reviving the others.

 To recover an unstartable mirrored volume

  1. Place the desired plex in the CLEAN state using the following command:

# vxmend [-g diskgroup] fix clean plex

For example, to place the plex vol01-02 in the CLEAN state:

# vxmend -g mydg fix clean vol01-02

  1. To recover the other plexes in a volume from the CLEAN plex, the volume must be disabled, and the other plexes must be STALE. If necessary, make any other CLEAN or ACTIVE plexes STALE by running the following command on each of these plexes in turn:

    # vxmend [-g diskgroup] fix stale plex

    Following severe hardware failure of several disks or other related subsystems underlying all the mirrored plexes of a volume, it may be impossible to recover the volume using vxmend. In this case, remove the volume, recreate it on hardware that is functioning correctly, and restore the contents of the volume from a backup or from a snapshot image.

  2. To enable the CLEAN plex and to recover the STALE plexes from it, use the following command:

    # vxvol [-g diskgroup] start volume

    For example, to recover volume vol01:

    # vxvol -g mydg start vol01

    See the vxmend(1M) manual page.

    See the vxvol(1M) manual page.